Psychologists affirm that our self confidence level is built up in our childhood and that it can depend on many factors, such as education, attitude of our parents, level of self love, etc. But the good news is that confidence can be built up and improved at any age.
Let me share with you some simple tips on how to build up your self confidence and feel great:

1) Decide. First of all, if you are not happy about something in your character or in your life, you need to take a decision to change. And by the word decision I mean the strong act of will and not just wishful thinking. Change will come when you decide!

2) Find out your goals. Take time to think clearly about what you really want. In which area or areas of life do you want a change? Set clear goals and you will have half work done! Someone once said: “Setting clear goals is main part of success!” How true!

3) Stop comparing yourself with other people. Women/girls often tend to compare themselves with other people. There always will be someone who is taller, smaller, thinner, bigger, with longer hair, blonde or brunette… It’s very important what you focus your attention on! Instead of comparing yourself with others, notice your own uniqueness, worth and beauty, understand that everyone is beautiful, different and unique, but in their own special way.

4) Use positive affirmations. Affirmations can help you increase your confidence level and feel more strong inside. Chose some simple phrases that will strengthen your inner worth, faith in your abilities, capacity to love and be loved. You can put a little paper with positive affirmations into  your wallet or place it somewhere where you will be able to see it every day. Write something like: “I love and accept myself fully and completely” or “I am beautiful and I am worthy of the best”. Every time you read your affirmations – feel good – so the effect will be stronger!

5) Read and study books, videos and audios about building up self confidence. All the information that enters into your mind influences your attitude and mood. People who read negative news and watch negative TV programs tend to become pessimistic. And those who read self development books, watch positive programs tend to become more optimistic and more confident.

6) Surround yourself with positive and confident people who are ready to encourage you at any time, like this your confidence level will automatically grow.

7) Start to change from outside. Well, we all know that the inside is part of our being is the most important and that in order to be confident and accomplished person your need to be this way on the inside…The funny thing is that when you change your “outside” (for example, your wardrobe) it can help you change on the inside too! So, get rid of old clothes that don’t inspire you any more, this way you will get rid of “uninspirational” energy, and buy some “confident” clothing, something that will help you feel more beautiful and great! You will see how your inside will change!

8) Make a list of your previous achievements. It’s very important to keep in mind that many times you’ve already won! And I am not necessarily talking about great and big things. Probably it was passing of an important exam or you learned driving or you started to go to the gym regularly. You can write down and note any of your victories, even the “little” ones, and remember how great you felt when you achieved them. This simple exercise will greatly help you build your inner confidence.

9) Make a list of your positive qualities. Are you honest? May be you are kind? You are creative? Write down about 20 (or more) positive things about yourself and look at this list regularly. Most people focus on what they lack and this way they suppress their inner confidence. Start focusing on your great qualities and you will be able to achieve anything!

10) Act. Action is a very powerful thing. One friend of mine once said: ” When you are in front of a problem, you can do only two things: act or forget!”  When you act, no matter the result, your self confidence grows and fear disappears. So, no matter what is the problem you are facing – act!

Remember that you are unique and wonderful person with huge and unlimited potential inside you. While your self confidence will grow, your real talents will also blossom!

Stay happy and treasure yourself!

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    July 14, 2013 at 1:33 am

    Love the tips!

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