10 Tips on how to become more attractive

Did you know that there is a science behind attraction and, if you know what the laws of attraction are, you can increase your attractiveness to men? Why men are attracted to women has been the subject of many scientific studies and it has been discovered that, not only can you do things to make yourself more attractive, men can’t do a lot to resist that attraction they feel either. Whilst we can’t give you the recipe for a 100% effective love potion, we can let you in on some of the secrets of attraction. Here are ten scientifically proven ways to make you even more irresistible to men.

1. Don’t let yourself go

Beauty may be only skin deep, but the harsh reality is that physical attraction is nature’s way of making a man find a mate who will produce the best offspring. That means that keeping yourself physically fit will make you more attractive to men. Taking care of your appearance and keeping in good shape will definitely bring you more attention.

2. Smile more

The simplest tip on how to become more attractive is to smile. Smiling puts a man at ease and makes him think that you like him, even if you don’t, and it will make you look far more approachable. Look after your teeth too, because a set of straight white teeth will also increase your attractiveness.

3. Grow your hair longer

Another good tip on how to become more attractive is to grow your hair longer. Science has proven that your hair makes a big difference to your attractiveness too. As you would expect, unwashed, dishevelled hair is a turn off, but the length of your hair plays a big part in attractiveness too. In one study that was conducted in 1995, men who were shown photographs of a number of women, all rated the girls with long hair over those who had shorter hair, regardless of how pretty their faces were.

4. Wear red clothes

The colour red apparently makes men think of sex, so adding a touch of red to your outfit will make you more attractive. It doesn’t mean that you need to dress in red from head to toe, even just red lipstick will get a man’s attention. The appeal of red for men is completely subconscious, they have no idea why they are attracted to a woman wearing red; they just know that they are.

5. Stand up straight

How to become more attractive to men? Pay attention to your posture. How you sit and stand will make a difference to how attractive you are, so no slouching, or you will be putting guys off approaching you. Remember that a man is subconsciously checking you out to see if you would produce fit and healthy children, so a good posture will tick another box on his subconscious mate suitability check list.

6. Be friendly

Friendliness is another great tip how to become more attractive. A friendly, happy person will always be more charming, than a surly one, so be nice to everyone around you if you want to make yourself look more appealing. If you are being nasty to people, then you will look like you would be too much to handle and, however great you look, that will make men think twice about even talking to you.

7. Copy his body language

Your body language conveys a lot about you, especially when you first meet a guy. Studies have shown that when people mirror each other’s body language, they are sending a message that they like each other. If you laugh when he laughs, then that shows that you have things in common, so if you, subtly, copy his body language, he will like you even more.

8. Express your femininity

Emphasizing your femininity is another wonderful tip on how to become more attractive to men. You can appeal to man’s natural protective instinct by making the most of your femininity. We may now think of this as being old fashioned, but adopting a distinctly feminine, vulnerable persona will trigger a man’s protective nature. A soft, higher pitched voice, for example, will attract a man more than a deep, loud and overbearing voice.

9. Be aloof and mysterious

When you are talking to a guy for the first time, don’t give everything away about yourself in one go. Guys love it when they meet a mysterious girl that they can’t quite fathom out and they do enjoy the chase. If you appear to be too eager to please and you tell him everything that there is to know about you, you will lose that air of mystery that men find so alluring.

10. Make eye contact

If there is a man who you especially want to attract, then your best weapon to grab his attention is your eyes. At first, you can just try and make eye contact with him from a distance; that will send him the message that you are interested. Then, when you get to talk to him properly, look him in the eye and that will convey confidence and make you even more appealing.

Do you have other tips on how to become more attractive?

Stay happy!

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