How to become happy? 10 Myths that hinder your happiness

Not found happiness yet? It might be that you’re subscribing to the 10 myths that hinder our happiness. For many people, happiness is the holy grail. It’s what we all want. If we’re happy, life is fab. If we’re unhappy, our life takes a turn for the worse. This is why it’s so important that you don’t sabotage yourself by believing in the 10 myths that prevent anyone from being happy. The problem is – and this will be hard for you to take – that most of us do believe these myths! They are around us all the time, they are problematic – but we swallow them up and accept them as truth. Why? Probably because everyone else believes them! You know exactly how it is: We can’t be happy until we have the perfect house, the perfect husband, the perfect job and the perfect body. Nothing else will satisfy. Unless we have lots of money rolling in and good looks, we’re not good enough and life sucks. Is this really true? Join Beauty and Tips as we take a look at 10 myths that hinder your happiness, and how to become happy.

Marriage Will Make Us Happy

We’ve seen our friends get married and we want a bit of the action. So here is the first myth: unless we meet our own Prince Charming, we can never be happy. Well, we’re not saying that marriage won’t make you happy. Of course marriage will make you happy. Indeed, it will probably be the happiest day of your life! The problem is that far too many of us put all our eggs in on basket and believe that marriage will cure all our problems, and that we’ll never be unhappy ever again. We have this romantic, hyper-idealistic vision of marriage that is at odds with the reality. The reality is that marriage doesn’t solve all your problems. Instead, it means you can fight your problems as part of a team from now on. There will still be challenges and low points. Realising this ensures that you don’t get carried away and have an unrealistic expectation of what marriage will do for you. Instead, a good tip on how to become happy is to to feel happiness already now, in the eternal present moment.

Just Having A Partner Will Make Us Happy

Okay maybe you don’t want to get married just yet. Maybe you instead just want a partner. However, you still have the same expectations, and believe that you need a partner to make you happy. Without a partner, you’re lonely, miserable and feel worthless. It’s as though you can’t do all the things you would be able to if you had a partner; you can’t go to the cinema, can’t take vacations abroad, and there is no one to confide in. However, believing that we need a partner to make us happy means that we’re relying on other people to validate our existence. Instead, it’s important to realise that happiness comes from within. If you’re desperately unhappy to the point where you dislike yourself, a new man in your life won’t change much. Those unhappy feelings will still be there. It’s much more important that you find a way of making yourself happier before you meet a new man.

Our Environment Needs To Be Perfect For Us To Be Happy

Some unsuccessful, down-at-the-heel people who love nothing more than playing the role of the victim like to blame the environment and their circumstances on their unhappiness. However, your environment should not be the thing that makes you happy or unhappy. Sure, bad weather can make us feel a little blue, but know that you have the power to rise above both the environment and circumstances to be the happiest person in the world. It’s all about mindset. If you look closely enough, you’ll find happy people all over the world, no matter their circumstances. Why? Because they have the right mindset.

It’s Selfish To Be Happy

Sadly and weirdly, some people believe this. In a world with so much suffering, they feel bad for being happy. It’s a vicious lie – more than a harmless myth – and you need to get over it. Remember, the happier we are, the more inclined we are to help others. So a good tip on how to become happy is to simply allow yourself to be.

All It Takes Is For Us To Have A Successful Career And We’ll Be Happy

There is no evidence that suggests there is a link between a successful, well-paid career and happiness. In fact, the more stressful a career is, the less time there is for relaxation. What’s more important than anything is that you do a job you LOVE. And that’s all that matters.

Letting Off Steam Makes Us Happy

This is another myth. Exploding and venting just makes us even more upset. A good tip on how to become happy is to talk about your negative feelings with others, and to try mindfulness, prayer or meditation to soothe your mind.

We’ll Be Happy Once We…

Anyone who says this will never be happy unless they stop trotting this line out. We’ll be happy when we get a new job, get married, get away on vacation, buy new shoes, clear our debts and so on. Happiness isn’t a destination – it’s the journey. One of the best tips on how to become happy is to enjoy the whole ride!

A Treat Will Cheer Us Up

A treat might cheer you up in the short term, but it’s just a temporary solution. Pretty soon, you’ll feel rubbish again and perhaps guilty, too. It’s a much better idea to root out the core problem and find a permanent solution.

Money Doesn’t Bring Happiness

Money itself might not bring happiness, but what it represents can make life a bit more comfortable. Money represents security, freedom and confidence – two things that can make us feel a little more confident and perhaps even happier. People who have poor jobs, no money and lots of debts like to say that money can’t buy happiness. However, this is a weak mindset. Money brings a lot of perks. If you start seeing money for what it represents, your desire for it will grow. As your desire grows, you will take the right courses of action to get more money, which in turn can boost your enjoyment of life and happiness. But surely, money is simply a tool, and you are the master of your own state of being and perception.

We Get More Miserable As We Get Older

This is another terrible misconception and myth. Some people really take the ageing process to heart. Once they turn 30, that’s it. Life is over! It isn’t, and it’s important that you don’t think like that. It doesn’t matter how old you are, as long as your mindset is right and you see each day as a wonderful gift, you will appreciate life no matter what and you will be happy!

Stay beautiful!

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