10 Secrets On How To Become Happier Instantly 

We all want to be happier, but we’re not all doing the right things that will help us become happier.

Although happiness certainly can’t be bought, it can be achieved if you do the right things and make the necessary changes to your life.

And the best thing is that it can be achieved instantly.

There has to be a catch, right?!

Nope! No catch. Let’s take a look at 10 secrets on how to become happier instantly.

Sleep On Your Anger

Once upon a time, people used to believe that expressing your anger was much better than letting it simmer, where it would build-up inside you before finally bursting.

Then there were people who used to believe that it was better to let anger simmer, rather than express it. In this way, you didn’t upset people, harm relationships, or make yourself look like a psycho.

But nowadays, scientists have concluded that, actually, it’s better to sleep on our anger. In this way, we will wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and recharged without a pinch of anger in sight. Try it.

Fake It

Another tip on how to become happier is to fake it.

You might not think this actually works, but it works a treat. If you feel low, you should deliberately act happy. You will find that, pretty soon, you will actually start to feel happier.

If you’re angry at someone, do something nice for that person. Before you know it, all your anger will have disappeared!

This strategy is hugely effective, and can make you feel happier in an instant. I’m happier just writing about this!

Don’t Look For A Quick Fix

Whenever we’re feeling low, it can be very easy to try to perk ourselves up with a few expensive treats.

Call it comfort shopping or call it whatever you will, but heading onto eBay for a few items because we’re feeling blue is actually not the right answer. You might experience a rush of endorphins and serotonin once you start browsing through all the shoes that you could buy, but splurging the cash is only going to make you feel guilty and indulgent after you’ve made the purchase.

Instead, take a moment out to consider whether splashing the cash you really don’t have on a new coat is actually going to truly make you feel better.

Start The Day Positively

One of the key reasons many of us drift through a day unhappily is because we start the day badly. It’s a well-known fact that starting the day negatively impacts the rest of your day; it’s very hard to recover from a bad morning.

Conversely, starting the day positively will ensure that the rest of your day is happy. Yay! You should treat yourself to a healthy breakfast, some feel good music, and all-round positive vibes. Watch a self-improvement video on YouTube and have a morning stroll. Embrace life as soon as you wake up.


Next tip on how to become happier is to start giving.

Perhaps it’s because you’ve been giving so much to your friends recently without getting anything in return that you’re feeling blue. But how about giving something to the disadvantaged?

If you give something to the homeless or vulnerable, you certainly won’t get down, because they haven’t called you up for two weeks now. Instead, you’ll feel a deep-seated happiness that you have helped someone who really appreciates it.

Enjoy Your Own Company

Another root cause of unhappiness can be loneliness, or simply not feeling comfortable with who we are.

It’s time to start embracing you and loving yourself. Be your own cheerleader and best friend because you can always rely on yourself when others let you down.

Want to go the cinema but all your friends are busy? Go by yourself! Don’t let others stop you!

Want to go the restaurant but don’t fancy eating a meal by yourself? Do it! No one cares! You could even take a notepad along with you and look as though you’re a professional food critic!


Another fabulous tip on how to become happier is to laugh. Laughter releases serotonin in our brain, a so-called happy hormone that makes us, well, happy!

To get your fix of serotonin and feel instantly happier, catch a funny movie. Go see a stand-up gig, watch some amusing viral videos on YouTube, or recall that time you and your friends sang Tina Turner on the karaoke after a couple of glasses of champagne.

Laughter really is the best medicine, and it’s also totally free. So go and laugh!

Embrace Your Failings

We all make mistakes. Even the world’s most successful entrepreneurs have made mistakes somewhere along the line.

But mistakes and failings do not need to be the end of the world, and they are not a reflection on your personal incompetence.

In fact, the only thing that is a reflection on your personal incompetence is constantly making the same mistake over and over again. A mistake is a valuable lesson that helps you to grow and improve. If you learn from your failings, you will come back stronger each time – and will feel so much happier for it.

Be Optimistic All The Time

If you apply for a new job while thinking: “This is pointless; I’m never going to get it!” – this negativity will channel through into your application, weakening it and sealing your fate.

So another great tip on how to become happier and more successful is to be optimistic all the time.

Apply for a job with a “I CAN DO THIS!!” attitude. Go to a sports game believing that your team will win. Go on a date expecting the best and not the worse.

Yes, you will be let down from time to time, but your odds of winning will increase if you’re more optimistic.

Stand Up Tall

Now, here is a way to achieve instant happiness. Instead of walking around with your head bowed and posture slumped, it’s time to straighten up and walk tall.

This is such a small, simple adjustment, yet it can enhance your mood tenfold. You will feel more confident, your esteem will be boosted, and happiness will come in an instant. The way you look can impact how you feel; if you carry yourself better, you will start to feel less gloomy and as though you just want to hide away from the world. Show the world who you are!

How to become happier? What are your best tips?

Stay happy and healthy!

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