How to be positive and optimistic? 10 Things optimists don’t do 

One of the most significant discoveries in the field of psychology in the past twenty years or so is that we actually can change the way that we think. If you think that you are a natural born pessimist, you can change that outlook. You can start to appropriate positive mental attitude and see more of the good things in life, than the bad. A positive outlook on life can make you healthier, happier and even wealthier; so to help you change your way of thinking, here are ten things that optimists never do:

1. Optimists don’t moan and groan

The first step on the path to optimism is to start counting your blessings. Optimists don’t spend all day dwelling on something that has gone wrong, they celebrate the things that have gone right.

2. Optimists don’t beat themselves up

Pessimists believe that they are useless, optimists know that they are great! An optimist sets realistic goals for themselves and they don’t judge themselves over harshly. Optimists have a great deal of self-belief but are also prepared to constantly try and improve themselves.

3. Optimists do not allow circumstances to dictate their mood

An optimist will talk themselves into positive mental attitude, even in the face of adversity. However bad a situation, they won’t let it get them down, as they know that being down will solve nothing and possibly just make things worse.

4. Optimists don’t get jealous

Optimists know that jealousy and envy get you nowhere. If the next door neighbour has a bigger car, the optimist will work harder and make sure that they can afford an even bigger one.

5. Optimists never talk other people down

An optimist sees the good in everyone and has as much belief in others, as they have in themselves. They don’t run down colleagues and friends, they try to inspire them.

6. Optimists never turn down an opportunity

Never let an opportunity pass you by, it’s the optimist’s motto. Review the risks and dangers, yes, but look at the larger picture of what can be gained and not just at what can be lost.

7. Optimists don’t blame others

There’s no finger pointing for an optimist and they don’t blame others for things going wrong. They have the self-belief that tells them that others really can’t have that much impact on their life.

8. Optimists don’t hold grudges

An optimist understands the power of forgiveness. Nelson Mandela had the optimism to continue his struggle, but he also showed the forgiveness that enabled an entire nation to move on.

9. Optimists don’t look back

People with positive mental attitude don’t keep looking back at what went wrong before and they don’t assume that it will go wrong again, they look forward and make plans to ensure that it goes right the next time, they believe that things will get better and better…

10. Optimists don’t attempt fortune telling

No one can foretell the future and an optimist knows this better than anyone. They plan, they hope, but they’re not disheartened when the unexpected happens.

It’s an interesting concept to think that you can change your personality, but psychologists actually do it all the time with cognitive behavioural therapy. It’s an even nicer thought to think that you can do it yourself, for free. So, how’s that glass of yours looking today, is it half empty or is it half full?

I hope you find these positive attitude tips useful.

What other things on your opinion optimists don’t do and how to be positive and optimistic? Feel free to share your thoughts and positive mental attitude tips in the comment section below.

Stay happy and be positive!

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