Nowadays it’s very difficult to be productive, because various distractions multiply day by day. Today, let’s look at some tips and tricks on how to be more productive and how to get more things done:

Let’s divide our productivity tips on multiple categories: body, mind, food, technology, time management, etc, so that we will be able to touch all areas of our lives by these amazing productivity secrets. Let’s begin:


Good dose of sleep

Try to get your healthy dose of rejuvenating sleep every night, it will supply you with all the necessary energy to get more things done!


Schedule your exercising routine and do sports regularly, it will help you manage your daily stress and energize your body. Peaceful mind is a lot more productive than the anxious one!

Power naps

When you feel that your energy levels run low, take a small break and get a power nap (15-25 minutes), it will help you recharge your productivity batteries, so that you will be able to focus on getting your results.

Wake up early

When you wake up early you can get more things done! If you have hard time to get out of bed at an early hour, try to wake up 10 minutes earlier every day, so that, gradually, you will be able to get up as early as you like. To keep balance – go to bed a little earlier too.


News detox

Turn off the news for a week and see how this simple change can shift your life into positive direction. Most of the time news feed your mind with negativity and distractions, making your productivity level decrease.

Get smart with your emails

Stop checking your email every 10 minutes. Instead, check it 3 times a day: morning, midday and night, this way you won’t miss a thing and save plenty of time.

Use keyboard shortcuts

Find out what keyboard shortcuts can be useful for you (there is plenty of information about it online) and use them to make your life more productive.

Limit your time online

Sometime we spend hours surfing online and browsing social media sites with no particular goal. Let it not be so! Write down the list of websites that tend to “eat” your time every day and limit your daily online browsing, this way you will get more time to accomplish those things that matter.

Record, if you don’t feel like writing 

Don’t neglect recording things, if you don’t like to write them down or type.

Productivity apps

There are plenty of productivity apps on the market, find those that suit your needs and make use of them.


Healthy eating habits

If you want to be more productive and have more energy, incorporate healthy eating habits into your everyday life. Make a list of healthiest foods and stock up on them when you do your grocery shopping.

Drink more water

Water is life. Make sure to routinize your daily water consumption to have those 8 glasses a day.

No more junk

Throw away all the junk food and avoid buying it ever again. Don’t buy processed and unhealthy foods, which are actually energy-zapping foods that prevent you from feeling vibrant and being productive.

Don’t skip meals

Avoid stressing your body by skipping meals, because it will tremendously drain your energy. When you get your body into a starving mode, it thinks that a famine has began and starts to conserve the energy, leading to stresses and anxiety.

Get smart deals

Negotiate a deal with your favorite restaurant or cafe and get a food delivery, it will help you save some time for getting those important things done.


Get rid of clothes that you don’t wear any more

Give/throw away all the clothes that you don’t wear any more, if you haven’t used that item for more than a year – most likely you won’t wear it again. By cleaning up your personal space (your closet) – you liberate new positive energy that will stimulate your productivity.

What is your style?

Figure out what kind of style you are after and wear it on a daily basis, so that your clothes will resonate with your inner self.

Prepare your outfits in advance

In the evening, prepare what you will wear the next day. It will save you time and energy in the morning.

Wear smart clothes

Make sure to dress up nicely and wear smart/elegant clothes, it will boost your self confidence and stimulate your productivity. Avoid baggy and too comfortable outfits, because those won’t make you any more productive.


Time is precious

Treat your time with the same importance you treat your money.

Take action, don’t wait for the right time

Start taking action before you feel ready, because it’s better to get things done, then to try make all things perfect.

Limit your meetings time

Avoid unnecessary and useless meetings. Often, people don’t need as much time, as they ask of you. Set a time limit for all your meetings and prioritize the decisive ones.


Focus and prioritize

Focus on and prioritize only 1-3 important things per day. If you make your “to-do” list too long, your mind will be overwhelmed and you won’t be able to follow.

Keep the end result in mind

Set clear goals and visualize the end result before even starting to take action.

Mind map

Use mind mapping technique, when you feel stuck or you don’t know what to do.

Disconnect form distractions

TV, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit. We all have such a long and tempting list of distractions. If you want to become more productive stop using those main productivity enemies or limit your time browsing them.

The journal of your crazy ideas

Write down all your crazy ideas in a journal (even if these ideas seem unrealistic and unreachable); later, you can always come back to it and revise. Probably, looking back at your journal of crazy ideas as the time goes by, you will find that million dollar idea you were looking for.

Follow 80/20 rule

Find out which 20% of work can get you 80% of results and do this important bit.

I hope you’ve found these productivity tips useful.

What are your secrets on how to be more productive? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment’s section below.

Stay happy and get it done!


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