10 Body Language Tricks That Will Make You Instantly Likeable

You might not have realised it, but you send people signals each and every day.

When you bought some groceries, you sent the cashier a few signals.

When you went for a job interview, you sent the interviewer a whole load of signals. They were flying around all over the room!

And when you went on a first date, you sent your date enough signals to get him so confused that he thought women were from Venus or something.

The problem is that, until now, you’re probably not sure what body language tricks make people wary of you, and which body language tricks make people think you’re a really smart, cool and nice person. The good news is that Beauty & Tips are here to let you in on 10 body language tricks that will make you instantly likeable. So stand up, stretch your muscles, and get ready to be loved!

Touch The Other Person

Whenever you watch two political heavyweights meeting on the television, you will notice how one of them always warmly greets the other by clasping their hand and laying a hand on their shoulder. Sometimes they’ll pat them on the back. This is a really agreeable way of introducing yourself to someone; it makes them feel at ease, and sends out the impression that you’re a warm and friendly person.

Try it. Gently touch someone on the shoulder as you greet them. Pat them on the back. It’s a show of friendship and cordiality, and it breaks down any barriers of communication immediately. It breaks the ice.

Keep Your Posture Straight

It’s really hard for some people to get their posture right, because it isn’t always something we think about it. We walk around the place thinking we look okay, but the truth is that we’re often a little hunched over and rigid. This sends out the impression that we’re sullen, closed people who hate the world!

To look confident and friendly, you need to stand up totally straight. A straight and firm back is an agreeable, striking look that says to people: “Now! Here is a totally confident and totally cool person!”

Pivot Towards Them

If you ever have a conversation with someone and found yourself leaning away from them, you’re basically giving the impression that you don’t really want to be talking to them. You’d rather be doing something else.

The way you sit when talking to someone has a lot of impact on the way they think about you. If you pivot towards them, you’re showing that you’re giving them your undivided attention. If you pivot away, you’re saying “I WANT TO GET AWAY QUICK, LEAVE ME ALONE.”

Turn towards them; show them your face. Show them you’re interested and that you respect them. Be attentive.

Maintain Eye Contact At All Times

Okay, yes, eye contact is a flirting trick, but it’s also a body language trick that will make you instantly likeable.

Put it this way: if you’re the kind of person who prefers to avoid eye contact, and if you unconsciously let your eyes wander around the room, you’re sending out a really bad impression. The speaker will assume that you aren’t really listening, and that you’re not a very nice person at all!

If you look them in the eye, you’re showing that you’re really listening. This instantly makes you likeable in their eyes. Naturally, you don’t want to stare them straight in the face without blinking or looking away once; be natural and don’t come across as creepy.

Mirror Their Movements

When we’re getting along with someone, we often unconsciously mirror their habits. When they smile, we can’t help but smile. And when they frown, we can’t help but do the same. To boost your credibility, you can mirror their movements consciously. Copy what they do without it being obvious. Gesture with them, smile with them, laugh with them.

Just don’t get too friendly and go to the bathroom when they do.

Smile … But Not Too Soon

If you have a big wide grin on your face before they have even introduced themselves, they’re probably going to assume that your smile is false and that you always have a grin on your face, so that people will like you.

Instead, you should wait until they introduce themselves before allowing a warm smile to radiate over your face. This is a delaying tactic that will convince them that your smile is totally genuine and that you are happy to meet them and not just anyone.

Do Not Fidget

Not only should you be careful not to fidget, but you also shouldn’t twitch, squirm, scratch, wiggle or cough. You need to give them your undivided attention; any kind of fidgeting is a sign of disrespect and it gives out the impression that your mind is on other things. Moreover, it can also be a sign that you are lying or feeling anxious.

Put your hands away and give the speaker your full focus.

Hello, My Friend

When you first meet someone, you might feel a sense of nerves and apprehension. This will not help your body language one iota. To help, you should imagine that they’re your old friend. You haven’t seen them for a while. This will make you feel more comfortable and relaxed, and it will improve your body language hugely.

Open Your Hands

When you open your hands to other people as you’re talking to them, you’re giving out a sign that you are an open, trustworthy person. Your arms should be relaxed by your side until you speak, at which point you should bring some neat hand gestures into play. As well as improving your credibility in the eyes of your listener, hand gestures can also enhance your thinking.

Keep Your Feet Apart

Whenever you are talking to another person, you should make sure that your feet are always pointed towards them. This shows that you are comfortable around them. If your feet are crossed, you are sending out the alarming signal that you’re not comfortable around them!

Stay happy!

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