10 Tips On How To Instantly Feel More Attractive

I remember the first time I dated a clinger. He was needy, possessive, and shallow. To him, attraction was all about looks. And he couldn’t get his head around the fact that, yes, I liked him and nobody else.

“You could have any guy you want,” he would say despairingly. “So I don’t know why you’ve settled for me. I look like a dork.”

I tried many times to explain to him that attraction is about more than just looks. Alas, I couldn’t get through to him. It was like banging my head against a brick wall.

Lots of people share his opinion. They think attractiveness is purely physical. It isn’t. While physical appearance is certainly a factor, it’s far from being the only one. How you carry yourself, how you express your thoughts, as well as your sense of humour – all make a you attractive to someone else.

Here are 10 tips on how to instantly feel more attractive.

Be Real

How many masks do we wear on average? Some of us wear lots of masks, hiding behind false personas, so that we don’t have to reveal our true selves. But whenever we do this, we are creating false friendships and relationships.

One of the reasons we hide behind masks is because we don’t want other people to see our flaws. But it’s important to remember that nobody is perfect, and moreover nobody expects you to be perfect.

People who are comfortable in their own skin and who are real are more attractive than those who create false realities. If you hide behind a mask all the time, it suggests that you lack self-esteem and aren’t happy with who you are. And this isn’t attractive.

Talk With A Purpose

A wise person once said that less is more. Sometimes silence is golden. When we say too much, it often happens that we waffle and speak without direction or purpose. And talking for the sake of filter is deeply unattractive.

It’s much better that you only speak when you genuinely have something interesting to say. Speaking with a purpose gives you more confidence, and it allows you to engage better with the people around you.

Grow Your Knowledge

Knowledge is power. The more knowledge you have, the more attractive you feel will.

Smart people are inherently more attractive to others than dim, empty-headed people. Reading a few pages of a book each day or watching TED Talks online is a great way to build your knowledge base and feel better about yourself.

Listen Carefully

How unattractive is it when someone constantly interjects while you were speaking? Very unattractive. It’s also unattractive when someone is clearly not giving you their full attention while you’re speaking to them. While you’re talking, they’re flicking through their phone or playing with their hair.

To be instantly feel more attractive, it helps to actively listen to people who are talking to you. With access to so much technology, there are more opinions swirling around than ever before. As such, when you show that you can actually listen as opposed to talking all the time, people will find you more attractive.

Laugh & Smile!

It’s hard to feel attractive if you spend your day moping around with a frown on your face. Despair instantly brings your mood down, and lowers your levels of attraction.

After all, who is attracted to people who mope?!

Simply spending your day laughing and smiling is Attraction 101. When you smile, you radiate an inner beauty that is incredibly empowering.

Smiling is always positive. When you smile, you connect with yourself, as well as the people around you. Try it!

Stop Cussing

I used to swear like a sailor when I was younger, but eventually I realised how deeply unattractive it made me feel about myself.

These days, I don’t cuss at all. Cussing breeds negativity, and it makes you feel surly and man-like. It’s much better to instead express yourself with a varied vocabulary without having to resort to vulgar language.

Dress Smarter

When I was an angst-ridden teenager, I never once felt attractive. I thought I was ugly and that nobody would ever fall in love with me.

I didn’t realise it at the time, but the way I dressed would have had a huge bearing on how attractive I felt. I recently looked back on old photographs, and my clothes were dark and ill-fitting. I lacked basic style!

When you wear clothes that fit like a glove and which actually look good, you’ll instantly feel so much more attractive. Clothes really do make a person, and often we judge how into someone we are based purely on the way they are dressed.

Be Friendly

Do you find yourself constantly snapping at people? Adopting a friendlier personality can instantly make you feel a lot better about yourself.

Walk Around With Confidence

Fixing your posture so that you walk around with your head held up high is a great way to make you feel more comfortable in your own skin. If you want others to know that you’re perfectly fine with how you look, perfect your walk is a great place to start.

Walk so that your eyes are always facing forward. Make sure that you’re standing upright and that your shoulders aren’t slouching.

Perfecting your posture is also good for health reasons, and can prevent complicated back problems from arising in the future.

Stick To Your Beliefs

Often, it can be things like failing to stick to our beliefs that leave us feeling unattractive. Conviction is attractive, and people who stick unwaveringly to their beliefs and values in the face of opposition are incredibly appealing.

If you fail to stick to your set of beliefs each day, it could be one of the reasons why you aren’t so happy with yourself at the moment. To this end, make a list of your core values and then try your hardest to stick to them.

The more you stick resolutely to your convictions, the more people will respect you.

Stay happy!

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