10 Secrets To Being Irresistibly Attractive Every Girl Needs To Know

Are there laws of attraction? You bet there are. But because attraction is such a subjective, almost mysterious thing, it’s hard to define these laws and whether or not they’re universal.

If you’re like any other girl, you’ll have met men in the past who you had a huge crush on and wanted to date. You liked them and wanted them to like you back. Unfortunately, they just weren’t digging you. So what was wrong?

Most girls assume – quite naturally – that they just weren’t pretty enough. Either they applied more – or different – makeup in a bid to make themselves more appealing, or they gave up the ghost and lamented that nobody will ever find them desirable.

But the truth is that attraction is about more than just a pretty face. Guys are looking for other things, too. If you want to discover the 10 secrets to being irresistibly attractive that every girl needs to know, you’ll have to get used to thinking outside the box. Let’s take a look at some top tips!

Be Confident

Girls who are undeniably attractive to men are always confident with who they are. They don’t need someone by their side to define them, and they’re perfectly content to be by themselves.

These confident girls have standards and values they’re ready to stick to, and they aren’t swayed by every single change in popular culture. They know who they are and what they want, and you won’t find them changing their opinions every day.

Confidence is a remarkably powerful thing that men can’t help but be attracted to. If you assert yourself and know your values inside out, you will enhance your appeal instantly.

Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

Men are drawn to women who can take a joke. They want to be able to have a giggle with you and tease you without you reacting like they’ve just spilled wine all over your best dress. Guys can be really sarcastic, so it’s important for them that you are happy to be on the end of one of their jokes.

Take a look at a guys dating profile. The number one thing that they always ask for is a woman who has a sense of humour.

Have A Sense Of Adventure

Do men like girls who are scared of dirt and won’t be seen dead in their hiking boots or taking a spontaneous road trip in the middle of the night? Some men might, but they’re few and far between.

A sense of adventure and a willingness to have fun is hugely attractive. If you’re game for some fun and games, you’re basically fun to be around. And who doesn’t like that? You need to be willing to try new foods, visit new places and dare to do things.

If you’re unwilling to get your hands dirty because you might smudge your makeup, you won’t be doing yourself any favours at all.

Don’t Be Too Emotional

Being a cold-hearted robot who can’t even cry at The Notebook is just plain weird, but being an overly emotional wreck is unattractive. So you need to find the sweet spot, which is somewhere in the middle. It’s okay to want to have a cry with your man during a movie, but it’s not okay to text him every five minutes demanding to know why he hasn’t replied yet.

Be cool, be chilled and cry at the right moments.


Walking around with a glum face all day makes you look unapproachable, angry and occasionally even psychotic. Basically, it isn’t attractive, especially when you double it up with the hunched shoulders.

Smiling makes you instantly more attractive. You’re essentially rewarding the the guy when you smile, making him feel good and putting him at ease. It also makes him think you like him, which further enhances your attractiveness.

Be Feminine 

Girls who are attractive are not the sort who obsess over their looks every minute of the day. Sure, they fix themselves up to look pretty, but they’re satisfied with what they’ve got, and they don’t aim for perfection.

You should also not be afraid to embrace your femininity. It’s okay to be strong, capable and independent, but your femininity needs to compliment any masculinity you have. If you are to be wearing jogging shoes and pants, make sure that you look charming or even adorable.

Wear skirts that accentuate your femininity, and avoid gutter talk. Knowing how to be a lady is deeply attractive.

Lengthen Your Hair

According to research, long hair is associated with health in a man’s eyes, while unkempt, short hair is not as attractive.

You just can look through history at some of the world’s most glamorous women. One thing they all had in common was a lustrous mane that was full of shine and radiance.

Be Smart

Being dumb is not attractive. Although it’s funny the first time someone says something silly and stupid, it’s not funny the second, third or fourth time. In fact, it’s annoying and unattractive – and it doesn’t appeal to men.

As such, it’s important that you prepare yourself intellectually. Educate yourself by reading books, watching videos and listening to podcasts. It’s so easy in 2016 to expand your knowledge base, and because guys are drawn to women who can stimulate their minds with expansive conversations, it’s key that you nurture your intellect.

Be Friendly

If you’re snooty and unapproachable, you’re going to find it hard to be attractive to anyone. Although you might say that you’ve got high standards, adopting an unfriendly approach is not appealing and will put men off.

It’s important that you return friendly glances with an equally friendly glance. Be approachable, be friendly and open up to people. Have a laugh with them, and show that you’re not afraid to talk to people. You need to show that you’re an open minded, warm person.

Be Kind

Simple – but so effective. If a man see’s that you’re kind and compassionate to others, he’ll start thinking: “Wow. There is a future here.”

Meanness and jealousy will get you no where.

How to be irresistible and attractive? What are your best tips?

Stay beautiful!

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