How to be happy in life every day?

Want to feel on top of the world all the time? In this article, Beauty and Tips takes a look at how to feel happier in life every day.

What do humans really want more than anything? Do we want a big new house? An expensive convertible? A manicure? Actually, what we want more than anything is to change the way we feel. Think about it, when you buy things or make positive choices, it’s to change the way you feel. We don’t buy expensive sunglasses just to protect our eyes – we buy them because of the status they’ll grant us. They’ll make us look cool and we’ll feel great.

Happy is how most of us would love to feel most of the time. We just want to be loved, content and happy. For many, happiness every day seems to be impossible. For others, it’s totally natural! Is it possible for you, too? It sure is! Let’s take a look at how to be happy in life every single day.

Eat The Right Food

Junk food has been linked with depression. See, bad fats don’t just go to our belly and our thighs – they also go to our brain. Nutrients, such as vitamin D, boost your mood. The best place to find them? In fruit and veg. Also, eating the right food serves as a psychological boost. You know you’re being healthy, which can automatically improve your mood.

Do A Job You Love

This is another helpful tips on how to be happy in life. We know you’ve heard this before. And we know you’ve probably told everyone else that changing career isn’t easy. But you need to ask yourself whether the reason you’re still not doing a job you love is because you keep making excuses. We spend most of our lives at work, or at least a good amount of it. So why wouldn’t we want to do something that we actually enjoy? The reason people are in jobs they hate is because poor decisions got them here. The flipside to this? Better decisions can get you out of a job you hate and into a job you love. Identify what kind of job would make you happy, and then come up with a plan of attack that will ensure you get it. Need to take a course? Take one. Need to read books to build up your skills? Do it! Go network, go meet the right people. Do whatever it takes to turn up to a job each morning (or night) that you love. You deserve this.

Learn Something New

Wisdom is empowering, and for that reason alone it can make us happy. Think back to anytime you’ve learned something new. The moment that lightbulb goes off in your head is a fab moment that makes you feel good. The smarter you are, the happier you are. Find something new to learn each day.

Wake Up Early

Hitting the snooze button and turning over in bed for an hour feels good at the time. But when you finally emerge from your hovel, bleary-eyed at 10.30am, you realise that a big chunk of your day has already gone. Waking up early is incredibly empowering and essential to happiness. The effects are both psychological and scientific. Scientific because you get to soak up more sunlight and fresh air as soon as possible, which instantly boosts your mood, and psychological because you know you’ve given yourself a great chance to seize the day and make things happen. Moreover, you’re up and doing stuff while everyone else is still snoring. Doesn’t it feel amazing to be making a start before your friends?

Practice Gratitude

This is one of essential tips on how to be happy in life. Each day, spend some time reminding yourself of all the great things you have in your life, from your health to your friends and family. Be thankful for it all, and stop focusing on what you don’t have.

Work Out

Working out makes us feel good in a few ways. For one thing, it gets blood and oxygen pumping around our body more efficiently, which boosts our production of happy hormones. Secondly, the psychological effect of working out just makes you feel good. When you know you’ve got off the couch and burned some calories, you can’t help but feel a sense of achievement. Thirdly, once you start seeing the results in the mirror every single day, you will start to feel happy every day. You can work out at home, but to feel even happier, why not join a gym and make new friends that you can’t wait to see each time you pop along?


You don’t need to go crazy with your cash. But why not treat yourself to a little something each day? Purchases that make us feel good can range from the big (a new coat) to the small (a pack of strawberries).

Drink Lemon Water In The Morning

How we start the day sets the tone. If you get off to an awesome start, you can be sure that the rest of your day will probably follow suit. Drinking lemon water first thing in the morning is a fab way to kickstart your day. It hydrates you, refreshes you, and cleans out your system so that you instantly feel more alert and ready to seize the day. All you need is a glass of water and a lemon!

Help Others

“Practice kindness all day every day and you’ll realise that you’re already in heaven now.”

     – Jack Kerouac

Helping others helps you help yourself. How? By transmitting positive energy into other peoples’s lives, you’re creating an aura of positivity around you. Moreover, a smile is infectious. When you make someone smile, you can’t help but smile too! Help someone each day and notice the positive effect it has on your own life and mood.


Lastly, the easiest tip on how to be happy in life every day is to smile more. Stop walking around with a frown. Smile when you wake up in the morning, greet your mail man with a smile and smile at strangers! You’ll be amazed at how simply smiling more can lift your mood massively.

Do you have other tips on how to be happy in life every day?

Stay happy!

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