10 Secrets to lifelong happiness that will change your life

The first secret to being happy is really simple: we decide that we are going to be happy! Studies have shown, though, that you can’t go out and buy happiness, and it’s not found in achievements either. Buying a new dress or winning a race will make you happy for a short time, but it won’t last, so here we look at some the secrets to achieving long term, lifelong happiness:

1. How to be happy? Learn how to say ‘no’

Are you one of those people who just want to please others? Learning how to say ‘no’, ‘this is my time and I decide how to use it’, is a good start to finding happiness. Be it your boss, your children or anyone else, they will soon learn that you are not to be pushed around and you finally get some time for yourself for a change. A ‘me’ time every day, when you do things that you love and you recharge your happiness batteries, will make your life more fulfilled and help you become a happier person.

2. Don’t worry, be happy

It’s a great song and a great philosophy for life too. Try not to worry about the little things, they will take care of themselves and focus, instead, on the all the good things in your life. Research has shown that people who take a pause at the end of each day to count their blessings are the people who find happiness.

3. How to be happy? Help others when you can

Helping people less fortunate than you will help you to put your own problems in perspective and fill you with a sense of achievement. It has been proven in studies that volunteer work enhances people’s sense of wellbeing and happiness. So, is it just that happy people help other people or, more likely, that helping others can improve your own happiness?

4. How to be happy? Don’t forget the people that you love

Happiness starts at home, so don’t forget your family and friends. Work on your relationships with parents, siblings and other relatives and mend bridges where you need to, because healthy and loving relationships with friends and family can be a major part of achieving long term happiness.

5. How to be happy? Get some quiet time alone

Everyone needs some time to recharge their batteries, and getting away from it all for a while is the best way to do this. Go for a walk or watch a movie on your own. Just getting a bit of peace and quiet, spending some time in nature will give you time to reflect and balance out your thoughts.

6. I want to be happy! Look on the bright side of life…

A little bit of optimism goes a long way, so try not to always look to the downsides of a situation, seek out the good too. Things are generally never as bad, as they look and your worst fears don’t really come true, so look on the bright side, that’s what happy people do.

7. How to be happy? Set achievable goals

Setting unrealistic goals is a sure fire way to give you a life of frustration and disappointment. You’re not going to be a movie start next week, so forget it and get on with something that you can achieve!

8. How to be happy? Praise yourself along the way

When you do set goals, don’t forget that there are many steps to a staircase. If, for example, you are aiming to achieve your ideal weight, don’t wait until the day that you get there to congratulate yourself, every pound you lose along the way is an achievement in itself.

9. How to be happy? Pick your friends wisely

Happiness is catching, so choosing to be around happy and positive people will make you happy too.

10. How to be happy? Be kind to yourself

Looking after yourself, both in mind and in body will help you find the path to happiness. Exercising and eating a healthy diet will give you the energy that you need to sustain all this happiness, but don’t forget to give yourself a treat or two as well. 😉

We hope you find these happiness tips useful.

Feel free to share your own secrets on how to be happy in the comment section below.

Stay happy!


  1. Jenna
    February 26, 2014 at 5:06 am

    Yes, I agree, love the tips!

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    February 24, 2014 at 7:24 am

    Thank you for sharing such wonderful positivity!

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    February 15, 2014 at 6:33 pm

    I will Utilize them!!

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