10 Ways We Complicate Our Life But Shouldn’t

It’s really easy to get trapped in the treadmill while trying to chase your dreams. I’ve been trapped many times in the past. It’s just so easy to sleepwalk through life in 2016 with our eyes wide open – without even realising it.

Life was never meant to be complicated, and for some people it’s still the simplest thing ever. It is WE who over-complicate it by working longer hours, setting the wrong goals, saying Yes to too many people, telling unnecessary white lies and so on and so forth.

In 2016, many of us are more stressed than ever before, largely because our lives are over stuffed with various bits and pieces. It is only when we take a step back, breathe deeply and think about all the things we are doing wrong that we can start simplifying things and doing everything right.

Here are 10 ways in which we complicate our lives, but really shouldn’t.

We Want More Of Everything

The old saying that quality should come before quantity is timeless, yet how many of us abide by it?

Instead of acquiring quality, we acquire quantity. We want more of everything. We want more shoes, more dresses, more handbags, more apps, more phones, more pets, more friends and so on.

Quality is always better than quantity, whether we’re talking about possessions or even friends.

People who enjoy the simple things in life don’t have much of anything. They’re content to have a few small treasures that they know add value to their life. They don’t waste their time on needless experiences, but instead wait for the life changing events that were worth the wait.

We Run From Tough Decisions

When we don’t nip something in the bud immediately, it just gets prolonged.

For example, I used to find it hard to say No to people.

Instead of telling my friends flat-out that I couldn’t go out at the weekend, I would um and ah, and say Maybe.

But this just complicated matters. It meant that they’d ask again the next day before finally coaxing me out on the day.

Instead of shying away from making the big calls, toughen up and let your stance be known straight away.

We Surround Ourselves With Negative People

Negative people can complicate our lives because negativity is infectious. Friendships are not meant to hurt us, they’re meant to help us. But if you feel as though some of your friends are causing you unnecessary stress with their ways, it might be time to consider moving on.

People come and people go. Just because a friend is a friend now, it doesn’t mean they will be a friend forever. You’re not obligated to stick around anyone. If someone is bringing you down by overly complicating your own life, feel free to spend more time with people who are actually worth it.

We Multitask

“The man who chases two rabbits catches none.”

     – Confucius 

Multitasking just doesn’t work, and it only adds stress to an already convoluted life.

We all multitask, of course. We text while having a coffee with our friends, fire off an email during a meeting and talk on the phone while cooking.

Sometimes, we multitask at work and race through 2 projects at the same time.

But this just complicates things, and you aren’t doing yourself – and your mind – any favours at all.

Calm things down a little by prioritising your tasks and working through them one by one.

We Don’t Know Our True Values

If you don’t know what your core values are, you will struggle to stay true to yourself.

And if you don’t stay true to yourself, you could find yourself in some unnecessary situations.

We Cut Corners

It might seem like a good idea to cut corners right now. Time is running out and you just want to get out of the office for the weekend. So instead of writing up the meta-tags on your articles, you decide to leave them out because nobody reads meta-tags anyway, right?

Then, Monday morning wheels around and your boss asks for the meta-tags. You didn’t do them on Friday because you wanted to get out on time and you hoped no one would notice.

But now you’ve got to do them on top of everything else you have to do today. Not cool.

Cutting corners always bites you in the butt at a later date. Do everything right the first time around and you’ll save yourself a massive headache.

We Procrastinate

A couple of years back when I first started working as a writer, I had a tonne of work. I decided to put my toughest job on the back burner. Basically, I had to come up with an idea for a short story and then write it.

Because I was working on lots of blogs and articles, coming up with a story idea was difficult. So I decided to leave it until work slowed down and I had more time to focus on it.

Only, the work never slowed down; it got bigger. Moreover, my deadline for the short story loomed. All of a sudden, I had even more work to do!

It was a terribly stressful time in my life, but this is what happens when you procrastinate.

Never put off until tomorrow what you know you can do today.

We Don’t Know How To Prioritise

The only way to achieve anything in life is to prioritise your tasks first.

If you don’t prioritise in order of importance, you’ve got no schedule. You’re stumbling from one task to another without properly finishing anything.

Before you know it, deadlines have passed.

Pay attention to what is most important in your life and work down from there. If your family is more important than anything else, make sure they always come first.

Otherwise, you risk losing everything you love because you focused on something that just wasn’t even worth it.

We Don’t Work Hard Enough

Sometimes, we race through our jobs, doing as little as possible.

The end result? We get more free time. Yay!

Well, until the boss calls to tell us that it all needs to be redone. Sure, you worked quickly, but you didn’t put the right amount of effort in.

We Worry Too Much

Worrying is really destructive. It takes us away from the present moment and complicates our life.

Worry doesn’t stop anything from happening. It just makes it harder you to live in the present moment.

Go with the flow, give yourself up to the gods and accept that whatever will be, will be.

How to be happier? What are your best tips?

Stay beautiful!

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