How Not To Let Negative Thoughts Quench Your Positive Attitude?

We all have the odd negative thought kicking around in the backs of our mind. But how do we stop these thoughts from taking over and killing our positive attitude?

“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”

     – Anais Nin

We love this quote from writer Anais Nin. What does it mean exactly? Nin is pointing out that we invest our own personal prejudices onto each experience we have.

For example, let’s say something happens. We’re not going to name what it is. It’s just an event. That’s all it is. It’s neutral – it’s neither good or bad.

Despite it being totally neutral, two people with two different mindsets will interpret it differently. The more positive of the two will look for the positives, while the more negative of the two will always find the negatives. This neutral event will depress them, even though it was just neutral!

Sometimes, even when we try our very best to be positive, we see stray clouds of negativity silently floating over our blue sky, obscuring the sun. It happens. No matter how hard you try to be positive, negative thoughts can still creep in.

But hey, it’s all part of being human. Anyone – even the most smiliest person – who says they never have a negative thought is lying. We all have them. It’s just that some of us are very good at suppressing our negative thoughts, and stopping them from ruining our days.

Let’s take a look at how you, too, can kill negative thoughts so that they don’t kill your positivity.

Keep Your Eyes On The Goal

A lot of the time, people have felt like giving up. They’re far into the process, but they’re so exhausted and so spent that they just want to give up.

It happens a lot. We’re so far into the process but still so far away from our goals that, at some point, negativity begins to take over and we want out.

When this happens, make sure you remind yourself of your goal. Picture how awesome you’ll feel and how amazing your life will be when you achieve the goal. Keep visualising it, and remind yourself that all this effort will one day be worth it.

And you know what? It’s already worth it, because the process itself is so exciting.

Always Look For The Positives

Bad things happen. Setbacks we weren’t expecting happen.

There was this one girl who had to give a presentation at school. She was really nervous about it and didn’t want to do it. She hadn’t prepared properly, had left it all to the last minute.

She stumbled throughout her presentation, and stopped dead halfway through. She lost her train of thoughts and asked the teacher if she could finish.

He told her she would have to do it again next week.

At first, this really upset her. She didn’t want to do it the first time, let alone a second time! She was madly upset with herself, and cried on the way home.

Her mom found it hard to console her at first, but then she pointed out that she now had more time to prepare. She’d been given a second chance to get it right. She was so under-prepared the first time around that, had she finished the presentation, she may have failed anyway.

Now she had more time to make sure she got it right and got an A.

There are always positives to take, even from what seem like the most desperate of situations. Yes, there will be a storm when the setback first happens. But after every storm is light and sunshine. This is your radiance, your positivity, showing you that everything can be overcome.

Forget About What Other People Think

Sometimes, we fall into negative thoughts when we start caring too much about what other people might think.

We make an error, and we wonder what other people will think of us. It can kill our positive energy.

But you know what? People don’t care.

Honestly – they don’t care. They’ve got too much stuff going on in their own lives to worry too much about that slip you made in a class presentation.

People have their own fears, anxieties, goals and dreams. They look out for themselves. Don’t worry yourself to death about how they perceive you.

Repeat Positive Affirmations

Do affirmations work? They do. Your brain is very good at learning what you tell it to learn. If you repeat to yourself over and over again that you’re a warm, valuable, loved and happy person who is going places, your brain will start to listen – and it will start to believe.

Try it. Each time you feel the dark clouds of negativity on the horizon, repeat positive affirmations to yourself. Tell yourself that you’re a valuable person. Tell yourself that you’re loved, that you’re capable of love, and that you are fulfilling your destiny.

Head Outdoors

When negative thoughts threaten to overcome us, it’s a good idea to change our surrounding space so that we can change our head space.

In other words, you should head outdoors for a bit.

Negativity likes to thrive in dark places when we’re bored. If you’re sat at home doing nothing, negative thoughts can easily take over.

So it’s a good idea to get outside and do something. You could take a walk, meet a friend for coffee, or do something more spontaneous, such as hop on a train and go somewhere!

Remember That A Molehill Is Just A Molehill

A molehill can be overcome. It’s just a small obstacle that we can work out. Even you’re positive about overcoming it.

Until you turn a molehill into a mountain, of course.

People with too much negative energy are very good at turning molehills into mountains. They take every tiny setback seriously, and blow it all out of proportion. If they got 95 on their exam last month and 93 this time, those missing two points become something to cry about.

Take a step back and look at the bigger picture. You know that this molehill can be overcome.

Moreover, you know that it won’t even matter to you in a years’ time. You probably won’t even remember it!

Treat all molehills as molehills.

Stay happy!

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