What laughter can do for you? 10 Convincing reasons why we should all laugh more

Are you one of those people who suppress their laugh, or are you one of those who lets all out? Research has given us some pretty convincing arguments to suggest that we should all try to laugh a little bit more. Laughter makes you seem like a more approachable person and it has numerous health benefits too. So, the next time you hear someone with an irritatingly loud laugh, bear in mind that they are probably healthier than most people, have a lot more friends than most people do and, of course, are probably happier than most people too. If you are shy about laughing and you try to hold it in, read these ten very convincing reasons why we should all be laughing a lot more than we do.

1. You will be more attractive

Nothing will grab the attention of the opposite sex like a happy, smiley person. A broad smile and willingness to laugh, makes everyone feel at ease and cheers everyone up. People want to be with other people who are happy, so get laughing and you’ll have guys queuing up to date you!

2. You will have better emotional health

Another one of fabulous health benefits of laughter is that laughing makes your body release feel-good hormones that combat stress and relax you. Research has shown that even a forced laugh has this effect. If you want to lift your mood and forget all your worries, get down to your local comedy club and have a good laugh.

3. It will boost your immune system

People who laugh a lot have good reason to be happy; they get far fewer colds than the rest of us! The feel good hormones that are realised when you laugh actually make your immune system operate more efficiently. When you are stressed and down, your immune system becomes suppressed, so you will be more susceptible to viruses like colds and the flu.

4. It is good for your heart

One of great health benefits of laughter is that it also has a positive effect on your cardiovascular system. When you laugh, your blood pressure falls slightly and your blood flows more freely through your system. Having a good laugh then, could help protect you against hypertension, heart disease and strokes.

5. It helps you connect with other people

How can you not feel connected with someone you have shared a good laugh with?  Even if you hardly know the other person, sharing a joke creates an instant connection through the shared sense of humour. Shared laughter also removes the barriers between people and it opens up the possibility of getting to know someone better.

6. It relaxes all your muscles

Next one of amazing health benefits of laughter is that it relaxes all your muscles. If you are feeling tense and your muscles are knotted, then have a good belly laugh and that will relax every single muscle in your body. It’s a just as effective as a good massage, and a lot cheaper. Incidentally, that’s also why people do literally pee themselves laughing sometimes.

7. Laughter crosses all cultural boundaries

Whatever your religion, culture or creed, laughter is a universal language that spans the entire planet. Whatever the language barriers between people might be, a sincere smile and a laugh will be read the same way by everyone. Perhaps, if the politicians at international summits started their meetings with a joke or two, they’d achieve a lot more harmony around the world!

8. It gives your lungs a good workout

A good laugh will also clear out your lungs and gets more oxygen flowing around your body. If you laughed more, you would have more energy during the day, and you would be able to sleep better at night. You’d probably also find that you have more stamina, because your respiratory system would be more used to working hard.

9. It keeps you present

When you are laughing you focus only on the thing that is making you laugh. Just for a moment, you are one hundred percent in the present and you are not thinking about the past, nor worrying about the future. Laughter is the easiest way that there is to forget all your troubles and stay in the present.

10.  It can be a pain killer too

And finally, another one of health benefits of laughter is that when you laugh, your body releases endorphins that make you feel better and can kill pain. Laughter helps us get through the tough times and makes things not look quite so bad. Laughter may not be able to fix everything, but it does make life a lot more bearable. So, do yourself a big favour and have a good laugh today. It will be good for your body, good for your soul, and good for everyone around you too.

Do you know other benefits of laughter?

Stay happy!

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  1. Julius Wither Amberfield
    January 12, 2018 at 11:29 pm

    It was really nice how you said that broadening the smiles and being willing to laugh will attract other people because people prefer to be with others who were happy. So laughing is a good way to have a date? Then maybe I should recommend that to my brother because he rarely ever smiles. He’s a good man though, he’s just too inclined to get serious about things. Now that his birthday’s coming up, I thought of bringing him to a comedy bar. Who knows, he might be able to attract a girlfriend there. Thank you!

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