10 Things Your Future Self Will Thank You For

Imagine if your future self could see you now. What would she thank you for?

“I thank you for NOT eating that next tub of ice cream!”

“Um. What? You want me to NOT eat this ice cream? Get real, girl!”

They say that we first have to picture what we want our life to look like in ten years’ time. Then we have to do the things today that will ensure our life pans out exactly as we want it to.

Basically, do the things today that will make sure your dreams come true. For example, if you want to be in perfect health and shape in ten years’ time, you need to eat and drink the right things now that will ensure that happens.

Which means skipping that tub of ice cream!

As you read this article, picture your future self perched on your shoulder, nodding appreciatively. You might not realise it yet, but your future self is someone you’ve really gotta look out for. Let’s take a look at the ten things they’ll be most grateful for!

Acquiring Useful Skills

“I just burnt my fingers cooking! You’d better appreciate this, future self!”

Skills can improve your life in so many ways and makes you more flexible. It also means that you can handle most situations, saves you time, and enhances your dependence.

Cooking is one particular life skill that your future self will thank you for. In ten years’ time, you could be an ace cook who knows how to make the best, most healthiest dishes. No processed food for them!

Eating The Right Things

“I’m eating a sprout just for you, future self! You better thank me for this!”

When we’re young, few of us have an amazing diet. We largely eat without a care in the world, and joke that we’re “so fat.” We know we’re not really fat. But have you ever really and truly stopped to think about the kind of damage junk food is actually doing to your body?

Junk food has a funny way of making us feel good in the short-term, but lousy in the long-term. A poor diet is linked to all kinds of chronic diseases, from cancer to diabetes. You are what you eat. If you adopt a well-balanced diet, your health, fit-as-a-fiddle future self will be very thankful.

Loving Yourself

“I just spent ten minutes in front of the mirror telling myself that I love myself. You’d better appreciate this, future self, because my neighbour saw me!”

If you don’t love yourself, your future could look very bleak. Not only may you be without a life partner, but your life won’t have panned out the way it could have.

When you love yourself, good things happen. You meet the right people, land the right jobs, and do things which enrich your mind and soul.


“I’m in Peru. PERU! This is all for you, future self. Better be thankful!”

Your future self will be thankful that you had amazing, life-changing experiences while you still could.

Drinking The Right Things

“I’m not having a cocktail tonight, future self. This is all for you. I’m not happy about this but if it makes YOU happy, then okay.”

Your future self is such a demanding minx!

But seriously, what you drink can be key to what you feel and look like in the future.

Studies have shown that alcohol can speed up the ageing process. You might look fabulous now. But what does your future self look like? She’s the one who has to deal with wrinkles and fine lines because *somebody* had too much wine at the Christmas party.

Look, we’re not saying that you shouldn’t drink. But as you get older, it’s important to be careful regarding what you put into your body. If you start drinking more water and more smoothies, your future self will be chuffed.


“I stayed in tonight and ‘saved money’ instead. My friends think I’m so boring. I hope you’re thankful, future self!”

Oh, she will be. Many of us value financial security more than anything else. In ten years’ time, it’d be awesome if you had enough money in your account to make you feel safe if something unexpected happened, such as redundancy.

Save first, then spend. Your future self will be ever so grateful.


“I nearly died in the gym today and tore every muscle possible. You’d better be happy, future self!”

Exercising can be tough. Especially if you’ve never liked working out. But all good things happen in life as a result of hard work.

Few people who live their dream life would say that the road to success was a cinch. They worked hard today so they could party tomorrow.

Regular exercise ensures that your body remains in tip-top shape. In ten years time, you’ll be able to jog to the store. As opposed to ordering online because you’re too ill to move.

Making Plans

“I’m staying in tonight ‘making plans’, future self. I could have been out with the girls. You’d better appreciate this!”

She sure will.

If you make future plans now, your future self will be able to reap the rewards. She’ll have financial security, a direction, and maybe she’ll have settled down.

That’s much better than leaving her lost, jaded and envious of how other people are living, right?

Being Happy Alone

“I’m literally sat in a coffee shop all on my own like a loser. And everyone is looking at me! If you’re not happy future self, I swear …”

If you can’t be happy alone, you’ll find it hard to love yourself. You’ll also find that you miss out on so much.

Spending time alone builds character and resourcefulness. It also builds independence. If you’re too dependent on others for your happiness, life becomes hard.

Keeping Learning

“I’ve just been to the library and got lots of books, future self. If my next date calls me a geek, I’m coming for you, future self!”

The more knowledge you have, the more opportunities you’ll have in life. And the more things your future self will have to be thankful for.

All successful people who are enjoying life got to where they are because they loved to learn. If you start learning the things related to your field now, in ten years time you’ll be a master of it. You could be so good that you’re earning more money than you ever dreamed possible.

Learning creates these kinds of opportunities. And your future self will certainly be thankful for them.

Stay happy!

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