Building self confidence: 10 Important things that confident people don’t do

Our confidence, or lack of it, is primarily borne from the sum of our life experiences. It begins at a very early age, where our confidence is affected by how we were treated as children, and then it is moulded further by our adult experiences. A series of successes can make us over confident, just as a major defeat can bring our confidence down to rock bottom. Confidence, though, can also be self-taught and, if you adopt a confident way of thinking, it will change your whole outlook on life. If you want to improve your confidence, you can start by looking at these ten things that the most confident people don’t do, and work on them yourself:

1. They stop worrying about what other people think

Confident people don’t obsess over what other people think of them. They do care about feedback, but they don’t get stressed when that feedback is unfairly negative. A confident person understands that we are not put on this earth solely to please others.

2. They don’t avoid the difficult issues

A confident person doesn’t put off the unpleasant or scary things in life. They know that putting something off, won’t make it go away, so they tackle things head on, so that negative issues get resolved quickly and they can concentrate on the positive ones.

3. They don’t ignore their own wants and needs

Being able to express what you want and fulfilling your own needs is an important part of building self-confidence. Confident people don’t expect to get their own way all the time and they are willing to comprise, but they know that if they don’t speak up for what they want, they will never get it.

4. They don’t rely on excuses

Basically, if a confident person has messed up, then they will admit it. They don’t fear mistakes, they learn from them. A confident person is never late to work because of heavy traffic; they are late to work because they didn’t leave enough time for heavy traffic.

5. They don’t quit

Confident people don’t give up at the first hurdle and they do expect failures to occur. They are not confident because things always work out for them, they are confident because they know that you will only succeed, if you keep on trying.

6. They don’t emulate others

Embrace who you are and what you are and, with that, will come confidence. There is no point in trying to be like somebody else, however much you might admire that person, because you can’t be that person and a confident person doesn’t even begin to try.

7. They don’t hide in a cocoon

Confident people are not afraid to step outside of their comfort zone and face the world. Staying in the ‘safe’ zone all your life will make you less and less confident in yourself. It is trying new things and, sometimes failing, that makes a person stronger and more confident.

8. They are not unkind to themselves

People who constantly beat themselves up will find it hard to develop any confidence. Accepting that you can’t do something is just as important, as succeeding and it allows you to concentrate on those things that you are good at.

9. They don’t pass judgement on others

It is only insecure people who feel the need to run down other people. Confident people have no need to criticise others or gossip behind their backs, and they’re not afraid of people who have different opinions from their own either.

10. They will admit when they are wrong

Don’t confuse confidence with arrogance; they are two distinctly different things. A confident person will be pleased if they are proven wrong, because that means that they have learned something new. An arrogant person will insist that they are right, even when they know that they are wrong, because they don’t have the inner confidence to do otherwise.

What other things, on your opinion, confident people don’t do?

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