10 Little habits that will brighten up your day

We humans are really lucky. We can choose to do things that we know will cheer us up and make the day a little brighter. As we all know, some days can be really dull and boring and we need something to lighten our mood, so the next time you feel that the day is dragging on, try one or two of these little tricks that will brighten your day.

1. Make someone else’s day

One very easy way to brighten up your day and someone else’s too, is to do something kind for a complete stranger. Buy that homeless guy a burger, help that elderly lady carry her bags, or be really helpful when someone asks you for directions. Being nice and helpful only takes a few minutes of your time and could well put a big smile on your face.

2. Wake up earlier

The mornings are a beautiful time of the day, so don’t miss out by leaving it to the last minute to get out of bed every day. If you wake up just one hour earlier, your mornings will be a lot more relaxed and you have more time to enjoy a few precious moments on your own. You’ll be amazed at how an early morning can make the rest of the day seem a lot brighter.

3. Get more time outside

Getting out into the fresh air will reduce the stress and give you a break. Whether you are working or you are at home, try taking a walk at lunchtime instead of sitting indoors, or take your lunch with you and have a picnic in a park. Fresh air and sunlight will make you feel more awake and more alive, and a little bit of exercise will do you good too.

4. Have a good stretch

Stretching boosts the circulation, releases tension from the muscles, and it feels great too. Get into the habit of doing a few stretching exercises at intervals throughout the day. It will loosen you up, reduce stress and make you feel a lot happier.

5. Express your gratitude

Write down ten things that you are grateful for every morning and that will set you up nicely for the rest of the day. It will remind you of all the good things that you have in your life and just how lucky you really are. Even when you are going through tough times, remembering to say thanks for what you do have will help you face your problems with a smile. Remember; there’s always someone out there who is a lot worse off than you are.

6. Move a step closer to your dreams

Never lose sight your dreams and that will make every day seem a little less like hard work.  A great way to do that is to create your own inspiration board. Cut out images of what achieving your dreams will mean to you and arrange them on a board where you can see them every day. Every time you look at it, it will remind of you of why you are working so hard and it will motivate you throughout the day.

7. Learn something new every day

Make a point of learning at least one new fact every day. It will broaden your mind and give you inspiration. Learning is a great way to improve your happiness, take on a new hobby or study for a new qualification. When you know that you are learning something new every day, you will feel more fulfilled and it will seem like you are actually improving yourself.

8. Be mindful

Look around you and take in what is there is to be seen. There are plenty of things that will brighten your day happening all the time, but if you are not being mindful and are not living in the present, you will never see them.

9. Exercise every day

It has been proven that people who exercise daily feel a lot happier than those who don’t exercise at all. If you have some form of exercise in your daily routine, it will be good for your health and it will brighten your day. Anything that gets the blood pumping and the oxygen flowing will help to improve your mood and your productivity.

10. Plan ahead

Planning your days properly will help reduce stress and lighten your load. Make to-do lists and prioritise your tasks.  It will help you to feel more in control and less like you are running from one emergency to the next. Knowing in advance what you need to do will give you more time to enjoy your day because you will get things done a lot quicker and you will know that you are getting somewhere.

Stay happy!

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