10 Reasons To Smile More Often

“Remember, even though the outside world might be raining, if you keep on smiling the sun will soon show its face and smile back at you.”

     – Anna Lee

When you smile, you feel so much better about the world, as well as yourself. Think back to a time when you were beaming from ear to ear, and try to put yourself in that mindset again. You feel pretty awesome, huh?

When you frown, you feel negative about the world. Your shoulders are hunched, and you feel as though you can’t do anything. You feel powerless and helpless. Yet all it sometimes takes is a smile to instantly change your mood. Smiling switches you from an un-resourceful state to a resourceful state.

Most of us frown more than we smile. We all have problems to deal with, of course, but many of us are just not natural smilers. It’s not that we’re in a bad mood – we just don’t know how to smile more!

The problem is that when you don’t smile enough, you unconsciously put yourself in a downbeat mood. Imagine spending your entire day smiling. You’d be feeling awesome all day long!

If you’re not yet convinced that smiling has more than one or two benefits, here are 10 reasons why you should smile more often.

Smiling Reduces Anger

We’ve all felt ourselves burn with anger at one time or another. We’ve probably all viscously argued with our spouses, too. Do we like being angry like this? Surely not.

In future, whenever you feel yourself growing scarlet with rage, try smiling. It will instantly improve your mood, toning down your temper and bringing you to your senses.


Smiling Can Make You Look More Attractive

If you pop on any dating site and browse through the profiles, you’ll notice that most people in their pictures are smiling.

And the ones who aren’t smiling are probably the ones you’re not attracted to.

Why? Because smiling makes us more attractive to others.

Someone else’s smile makes you feel positive and happy. Someone else’s smile can even make you feel good about yourself! That’s how powerful a smile is. It works the other way around too; if you smile more, you’ll look more attractive and appealing to others.

Smiling Can Make You More Youthful

Although we haven’t uncovered the key to eternal life here, smiling can at least keep you looking youthful for longer. This is because when you smile, you exercise your facial muscles. A failure to work these muscles leads to premature ageing.

Smiling Makes You Happy

Regardless of your situation, smiling can make you happier. When you small, your brain releases more endorphins (happy hormones) which boost your mood, and make you realise that things aren’t so bad.

Remember, your mood is a result of your perceptions, and your perceptions are often false.

So when you smile, you’re giving yourself a boost and turning a negative perception into something more positive.

Try it, it really works!

Smiling Helps You To Make A Good First Impression

When I went to my first networking event, I was incredibly nervous. I was shy, awkward and send all the wrong things – the one person I spoke to.

One person!!

Later on, I asked someone with better skills than me for advice: “How come I’m so bad at networking? Why did no one talk to me?”

She asked me what my body language was like. I found it hard to describe it but one thing she got me to remember was that I didn’t smile. I walked around with a nervous, hesitant frown the whole time.

Smiling makes a good first impression. It tells the other person that you’re a warm, friendly person who they should probably talk to.

If you walk up to someone with a grimace, they’re going to be a little bit freaked out. Smile more and you might just meet more people.

Smiling Boosts Productivity

When we don’t enjoy our work, we struggle to be productive. We sleepwalk through the day at 50%.

When you smile more, you get more done.

There is no doubt at all that there is a relationship between happiness and productivity in the workplace. When a team’s morale is up, the team performs better and the company makes more money.

If you’re sat at your desk with a sallow face, you’re hardly going to be motivated to push yourself to your limit.

For happiness and productivity on tap, try smiling while you work.

Smiling Makes You Confident

Referring back to my networking nightmare debut, I looked grumpy, awkward and even a little bit shifty the whole time.

I also looked shorn of confidence.

What I’ve been told since is that smiling is a marvellous little trick that gives you more confidence with a click of the fingers.

If you become someone who smiles regularly, you’ll have more confidence in the long-term. You’ll approach new situations with a swagger, and you’ll also inspire others to look up to you as someone who knows exactly what they’re doing.

Smiling Is Good For Your Lungs

When you smile more, you exercise your lungs by stretching your muscles. Moreover, you fill them with more oxygen – which is always a good thing.

Smiling Can Reduce Stress

When we tackle tasks with a grumpy face, we have an “I can’t do this attitude.” This leads to stress and frustration.

Conversely, when we relish tasks with a smiley face, we feel more positive about it. Maybe we’ll play some upbeat music, too. Smiling while carrying out what have been stressful tasks in the past goes a long way to relieving said stress and putting us in a much happier frame of mind.

Smiling Makes You Memorable 

Ever wanted to make such an impression on someone (such as a first date) that they’ll easily remember you and call you back? Then smile more!

Smiling makes you more memorable than not smiling. If you glare at people through icy eyes, you might make yourself memorable – but for all the wrong reasons!

People want to be able to look back on happy memories, so give them one.

Do you know other benefits of smiling?

Stay happy!

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