9 Signs That You Are An Amazing Friend

In life, you are either a friend, a best friend, or a downright amazing friend.

Friends are people we hang out with. We go to the cinema with them, have cocktails with them, and generally have a laugh. But we don’t always tell them everything. We’re not totally intimate with all our buddies.

Best friends are people we tend to tell everything to, but even then we sometimes keep secrets from them. They’re our best friend but we still don’t trust them 100%.

AMAZING friends, on the other hand, are the kind of friends who literally would do anything for us. They’ll walk through brick walls for us, and probably give us a million dollars if they had two million.

If you’re wondering whether you’re a plain old friend, a best friend, or an amazing friend, let’s take a look at the 9 tops signs that you have what it takes to be an amazing friend.

You Do The Little Things For Them

How many of us underestimate the importance of the little things? Most of us probably. We like big gestures, and we assume that everyone else likes them too. As such, we forget all about the little things. We forget to say hello in the morning, ask a friend how their day was, or buy them cute little gifts now and then.

If you know your friend likes a certain candy, you’d definitely buy them that candy if you’re an amazing friend. If you know they like to be asked how their day was, you’d ask them, even if it’s via Facebook.

Your Friends Trust You

Part of the deal with being an amazing friend is that you’re 100% trustworthy. Your friends(s) trust you with everything, from their darkest secrets to their scariest thoughts. You’re there for them all the time, you listen to them and give them advice, and you will absolutely never double cross them.

You’re Always On Time

Okay, so being late (all the time) doesn’t make you a bad friend. It just means you can’t get your stuff together real quick. Lots of people are like this.

But always being on time instantly makes you amazing.

Imagine it: your friend is standing in the freezing cold and they’re a little bit early. They’re dreading your text that says you’re going to be an hour late.

But instead you turn up exactly on time. As they blow on their frozen fingers, all they can think is: “OH, SHE’S AMAZING!!! I’M SO HAPPY!!! £$!$!%”

You Can Guess Everything

Your friend has got something to spill. You know they have. They deny it, but you know they’re hiding something from you.

If you’re a truly amazing friend, you’ll even be able to figure out what it is just by looking at their eyes, facial movements and unusual gestures.

You Share In The Joy Of Their Accomplishments

We’ve all made statuses on Facebook that showcase our achievements. And we’ve all waited to see who will like it.

There always seems to be the usual bunch who, despite being our friends, never like our achievements. We imagine that they’re grumping, that they’re jealous over what we’ve accomplished.

Amazing friends aren’t like this. Amazing friends are their friends’ biggest cheerleaders. They won’t just “like” a status that proudly showcases someone’s achievements; they’ll share it on their page too.

… And You Admit It When You’re Jealous

Bad friends are the types who get jealous and let it eat ‘em up. They sit on the jealousy, burn up with rage and eventually turn a funny shade of green.

Amazing friends, on the other hand, actually admit when they’re jealous of their friends’ life. Rather than deny that they even get jealous in the first place, they openly admit to it. This is because they have a friendship’s best interests at heart, and they know that talking things out is much better than keeping things bottled up until they eventually explode.

You Always Have Time For Your Friends

You have a busy life. You’ve got exams, work, dissertations and lots of other stuff to do. Your calendar is bursting with meetings, deadlines and plans.

But you still make time to see your friend when they want to talk, even if it’s just five minutes of your day.

This is because you’re totally amazing and know that there are times when people really need someone to talk to. And you’re happy to be that someone.

You’re Honest

If you are genuine friend, you know how to be totally honest with your friend.

If the dress they think is amazing is actually dreadful, you will definitely tell them.

If they have bad breath today, you will tell them that too.

After all, you’ve got their best interests at heart and you don’t want to see them making a public fool of themselves.

Their Parents Treat You Like One Of The Family

When you’re an amazing friend, you’ll find that their parents treat you like royalty. You’re on first name terms with them, they cook for you, and are always happy to see you.

In fact, the parents will even start inviting you over for dinner and movies themselves!

Being on best friend terms with the parents is a surefire sign that you’re doing something right, and that you’re making your friends life so much better.

Stay happy!


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