9 Powerful tips on how to train your brain to be happy

Right from our early childhood, our brain is being trained by the experiences of our life. On a very basic level, we learn that it hurts, when we touch something hot and we learn that there are types of people who we can trust and others that we can not. This brain training doesn’t stop when we get older, you can still take positive steps to re-train your brain, which will make you think differently. This brain training happens naturally in our lives through, for example, our choice of career: an accountant is trained to always take a prudent view of a set of books or, in other words, always to look at the worst case scenario, and this can affect his or her view of life in general. Just as this negative type of training work, so can a positive kind of training; therefore, read our 9 tips on how you can train your own brain to be happy:

1. Count your blessings: 10 minutes of gratitude 

Yes, 10 minutes of gratitude a day can tremendously change your life! In nowadays hectic lifestyle, people have a habit of running around, doing what they do and forgetting to stop and feel grateful. You can start by teaching your brain to look for the good things in life, by just taking some time to take stock of what you have, rather than what don’t have. Research has shown that, if you set aside ten minutes a day to list things that went well on the day, things that you are grateful for (your family, friends, health, your knowledge, your talents, etc…), then this can have a marked effect on your mental outlook, it will help ‘install’ positive mental attitude into your daily habits and make it work naturally and automatically.

2. Temper your negative thoughts with a ‘and so what?!’ phrase

Try always adding a ‘and so what’ to every negative thought that comes into your head. When you think: ‘I’ll never meet another man like him’ change it to ‘I’ll never meet another man like him, and so what?! I’ll meet someone who is even better!’ When you start to consider the upside to every down, you can start to get the problems into a better perspective; you will see how your vision of your future will brighten up!

3. Accept reality, but maintain a positive mental attitude

You don’t have to pretend that everything in the garden is rosy to maintain a positive mental attitude, and accepting reality is a step closer to happiness. It’s another way of using the magic ‘and so what’ phrase. For example; ‘I can’t afford to move out of this horrible house this year’. Accept the fact first. Yes, you can’t move yet, and so what?! If you save some money, then you might be able to move after some time.

4. Don’t compare, be inspired by other people’s success instead

Comparison and inspiration are two different types of vibrations, one is negative and the other is uplifting and positive. Get inspiration from those who are more successful than you, instead of comparing yourself to them. Research has shown that people who constantly compare themselves to other people who are far better off, than themselves are the most likely to be unhappy. There is no point in comparing your life to that of a multi-millionaire and feel frustrated. Instead, look at where he is coming from, probably he used to be in a total misery and he could do a great breakthrough and achieve his dreams…If he could do it, then you can too; be inspired by his life-story, instead of comparing…

5. Read inspiring books

When you are at school, you train your brain by reading and you can do that now, when you’re a bit older too. Reading inspiring tales of how others came out on top, against all the odds, can help you start to look at your own problems as challenges or stepping stones to success, rather than disasters.

6. Your way of thinking is a habit, which means you can change it to your preference

If you have smoked and then you gave up, or even if you used to suck your thumb as a child and, presumably, you don’t anymore, then you know how to break a habit. Your way of thinking is a habit too, and you can break the habit of thinking negatively and make a positive mental attitude your new tinkling pattern, if you are determined to do it. Each time you have a negative thought, just remind yourself that it’s an irritating habit and a habit that you want to quit, just as you would do with smoking.

7. Be sure that your happy thoughts are real

Some people think that they can make themselves happy by simply telling themselves that everything is really fine. This can’t work, as you might just be lying to yourself and fooling yourself, because you know what the truth is really; so telling yourself that you are comfortable with your weight, when you know you are not, will not make you happy. Admitting that you are not happy with the current weight and starting to do some exercising, in order to fix that, is a far more positive and realistic approach, that will not only bring you great results, but also more confidence for further achievements.

8. How to be happy? Reassess your past

How you write your own life history can affect the way that you think about today. Psychiatrists attempt to get a depressed person to rewrite their own life history, concentrating on the good things that happened, rather than the bad and this can help anyone achieve a more positive and happy outlook. Often when we do revisit the past, we find that, even during the worst moments in our lives, something good eventually came from it.

9. How to stay positive? Use positive words often!

Words can change your brain. If you make it a habit and use positive words very often, every day, you will automatically start feeling happier, because positive and empowering words can rewire your brain for positivity. For example, when somebody asks you ‘how are you today?’, instead of replying ‘I’m fine’, or ‘everything is OK’, reply something like ‘Fantastic! Thank you!’ or ‘I’m doing terrific!’ and try to feel these words when you say them. Also, during the day you can ‘nourish’ your brain with empowering, positive affirmations, such as: ‘Every day in every way I’m getting better and better’ or ‘the more I smile, the more good I receive’, ‘I have power to make a change anytime I want to’, ‘I am worthy of the best and I give the best’…The secret to positive affirmations is to feel great when you say them. If your affirmation doesn’t produce a good feeling inside you, then change your affirmation, until it makes you ‘vibrate’ positive, good energy, this is when you will start seeing miracles happen in your life.

We hope you found our tips on how to train your brain to be happy useful.

Feel free to share your own tips on how to be happy and positive in the comment section below.

Stay happy!


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