9 Great reasons why change is good for you

Change is scary, it’s a leap into the unknown and that is why we all have some resistance to change. But, if things don’t change, we get in a rut and end up going nowhere, so here are nine reasons why you should not fear change, but embrace it instead:

1. Change is good, because change means progress

If mankind, as a whole, had not been prepared to embrace change, where would we be now? Probably still sitting in our cave, wearing animal skins! Change can be stressful, but it opens new doors and sets us on new paths that we might never have otherwise followed.

2. Change also means that the bad times can’t last forever

If you’re feeling bored or down on your luck, remember that it will change. Things don’t last forever; change takes care of that for us. Sometimes change brings unpleasant news with it, but change can bring the good news and new beginnings too.

3. Change is good, because it keeps things interesting

Imagine a world without change and think just how boring that would be. Variety is the spice of life and without change we would have no variety, so when change comes, welcome it. If nothing else, it will keep you on your toes!

4. Change is an inevitable fact of life

Even if you don’t embrace change, you might as well accept it, as change is inevitable. Accept that it’s going to happen and you’ll feel far more comfortable about it. There is nothing that you can do to stop it anyway, so just go with the flow, it’s easier.

5. You CAN control change

Change is not just a nasty fact of life that will inevitably sneak up on you; you can take control and take the conscious decision to instigate change. Make your plans for change today and you can be master of your own destiny.

6. Change is good, because you grow with it

As each change in your life occurs, you grow and you learn more about yourself. Even if a change leads you to somewhere that you didn’t want to be, you will still learn a lesson from the change and it will help you grow into a more rounded and balanced person.

7. If your life is a book, then a change is just the end of a chapter

Each time a change in your life occurs, it’s a chance to start things over and take your life in a different direction. Turn the page and there is something new and exciting to discover, that’s the beauty of change.

8. Change teaches you to be more flexible

When things change around you, you have to change too. The whole process of change teaches you to be more flexible in your approach to life and also helps you to become a more understanding and tolerant person.

9. Change is good, because it allows you to experience life to the full

Without change, life would just become a dull and repetitive routine. Welcome change, because it brings new experiences to your life and brings new challenges. It’s what life is all about.

There are many more reasons why change is good for you, so don’t be afraid of it, just embrace it!

Do you like change? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

Stay happy!

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