8 tips on how to start feeling happy when you are feeling down

The blues are good for you! It may not seem that way when you’re having a ‘down’ day but recent research claims that feeling sad is one of our natural defense mechanisms. Imagine, if you can, that you’re a Stone Age man/woman who has just been beaten off by your nearest rival in the clan; you’re feeling dejected and humiliated, so you go and hide somewhere to sulk, because, if your body didn’t make you feel this way, you’d probably wind up getting an even worst beating from your rival.

So, feeling down does have a purpose, but it’s still not a whole lot of fun at the time, so here are a few ideas to help you cheer yourself up and get yourself going again:

1. There’s nothing wrong with being sad

So you’re having a bad day, so what?! There’s nothing wrong with shutting the door, drawing the blinds and keeping yourself to you for a day. Remember, sadness is natural. As well as being a defense mechanism, it’s your body’s way of saying to you: “Take a break and give yourself a chance to recover from whatever it is that has upset you.”

2. Stop catastrophizing

Try and put things back into perspective. When we’re down, everything seems worse, than it really is. Thoughts like ‘I’ll never meet anyone like him again, ‘they’re going to fire me’ and ‘it’s the end of the world!’ start to fill our minds…but think back, last time you felt like this, did all those worst nightmares really come true?

3. You can’t be happy if you’ve never been sad

How would you know that candy tastes good, if everything tasted like candy? It’s the same with emotions, the odd down day makes the happy ones even better.

4. Make a list of the positives

Now you’ve got things into perspective, make a list of five good things in your life, things that you feel thankful for; and be honest, even the saddest person can find five. If you try really hard, you might even find a positive in what’s making you feel sad.

5. The grass isn’t always greener

Often, sadness is compounded by our belief that others are having a much better time of life, than we are. So, if you can’t afford a holiday this year and your best friend’s flying off to a sunny beach resort, look on the bright side, while you’re snuggled up at home with a bar of your favorite chocolate, watching your favorite TV show, she/he (I mean your friend) might be stuck in a mile long queue at the airport terminal! Try to find good and positive things in your own life and the most important, stop comparing yourself and your life with other people’s!

6. Take a look in from the outside

Remember that the average Londoner doesn’t even notice Buckingham palace on his way to work, he just notices the morning rain. Try taking a look at your life from an outsider’s side; you might even see something to smile about.

7. Laughter is the best medicine

OK, so now those mountains, hopefully, look a bit more like climbable hills, so go and do something just for fun, even if you don’t really want to. Go out with some friends or even just put a comedy show on the TV. If people around you are laughing, so will you; it’s infectious.

8. Dust yourself down and get back on the horse

Feeling a bit better? Then pick yourself up, tidy the house up, have a shower and put on some of your favorite clothes. You’re going out for some fun!

Some people seem to be almost cavalier in their attitude to life. They seem to sail through problems without a care in the world. Not all of us can do that though and, sometimes, problems do occur, but putting things into perspective and looking on the bright side can help us through.

I hope you find these self help, motivational tips useful.

Feel free to share your own positive knowledge and self help tips on how to be happy when you are feeling down in the comment section below.

Stay happy!

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