8 Reasons why pets improve your life and your health

Man’s best friend or a girl’s for that matter, but it’s not just dogs that are good for you. Research has proven that pet owners benefit from a huge range of psychological and other health benefits by simply owning a pet. In some cases, pet ownership has been proven to increase the effectiveness of medication or even be a replacement for medication. If you don’t have a furry friend at your side, here’s what you are missing out on:

1. They keep you active

Pets, especially dogs, keep you active. Walking and playing with your dog gives you a great workout. Just throwing a toy for your dog in the park will strengthen your muscles and the simple act of walking will do you good too. Pet owners have been found to have lower blood pressure and better circulation, than non-pet owners, and this applies to children as well.

2. They boost your immune system

A reason often citied for not owning a pet is that they are dirty. Well, firstly, that’s not true, they may not shower daily like you do, but that actually turns out to be a good thing. Children that have been exposed to pets as babies are less than half as likely to develop allergies in later life, as those that were not.

3. They are a great distraction

When something is troubling you, it will trouble you far less, if you have a pet. Pet’s make you smile. Pets don’t judge and, frankly, they couldn’t care less that you just lost your job; they just want to be loved. Looking after a pet takes your mind of the stresses of the day and calms you down.

4. Pets are great company

Pest make fantastic companions and keep you from feeling lonely, even if it’s only for the one week that your partner is away. Pets seem to know, when you are feeling low and they will try and comfort you and cheer you up.

5. Pets make great listeners

They may not be great conversationalists, but they are quite happy to sit and listen, while you get things off your chest! Non pet owners think it’s strange, talking to a dog or a cat, but they say that a problem shared is a problem halved and your pet’s not going to argue with you either.

6. They help you make new friends

Pets make great ice breakers when you meet someone new and you can find yourself with a whole new circle of friends, when you have a pet. Dogs, in particular, are not shy, they will happily go and say hello to another dog in the park and then, you are instantly talking the other dog’s owner.

7. Pets can give you a purpose

When you are feeling low and really can’t be bothered to do anything, a pet will soon get you up and about again. They rely 100% on you for their needs and they can’t be ignored, so caring for them makes you focus on something other, than your own troubles. You will also be rewarded with your pet’s love and gratitude for simply providing your it with some food.

8. A pet’s love is true and unconditional

A pet will love you whatever your mood is, whatever you say to your puppy and it will always be there when you need. Far less complicated than human relationships, a pet’s love really is unconditional. Something you can fall back on, when those pesky humans let you down.

There are, of course, many other reasons why pets improve your life and your health. If you have some of them in mind, feel free to share in the comment section below.

Stay happy!


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