8 Fabulous tips on how to feel younger every day

It was Benjamin Franklin who said that ‘‘in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes’, but he missed one – getting older along the way! No one has yet found a way to halt the aging process, so, until someone does come up with the elixir of youth, here are eight tips on how you can keep yourself feeling young every single day:

1. Don’t worry, feel happy!

Have you ever wondered why kids are always so happy and full of energy all the time? It’s probably, because they don’t have a lot to worry about and they certainly don’t worry about getting old! Be like a kid and you’ll feel like a kid, so don’t even think about how old you are and just take each day as it comes and you’ll feel a whole lot better about life.

2. Switch off at play time

When the bell rings at the end of school, the children come running out and are ready for play. When adults get home from work, they sit down and worry about what they have to do at work tomorrow. Try and mark a clear line between work and play, just like kids do, and also make sure you know when it’s time to play and time for work and worry.

3. Let go of some inhibitions

As we grow older, we begin more and more to conform to what we think that others think people of our age should behave like. Why? Who knows, it’s just the way that we are conditioned to be, but there is nothing wrong with breaking the mould occasionally. So stop worrying about what others think; go out and do some of the things that you really want to do for a change.

4. Be really grateful for what you have

You don’t have to be religious to say ‘thank you’ for a sunny day, but is it great when the sun shines. Isn’t it? Or don’t you even notice anymore? Being grateful for even life’s small pleasures will help put a spring into your step and will make you feel like a kid all over again.

5. Eat well

Unfortunately, if you’re getting a bit older, you don’t have the metabolism of a child anymore, so you will have to watch what you eat, if you want to keep your youthful looks and spirit for longer. Eat a balanced diet with plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit, which will give you energy and much needed anti-oxidants to help fight off the signs of aging.

6. Keep active

Exercise is good for the soul, as well as the body. Keeping fit will ward off the outward signs of aging, but it will also make you feel much more alert, energetic and awake, so you’ll be able to enjoy that youthful vitality you’re feeling.

7. Get enough sleep

You can’t be a youthful spring chicken, if you’re not getting enough sleep at night. If you don’t want to be one of those who fall asleep in front of the TV every evening, than be sure that you are getting a really good, sound night’s sleep. Your body does a lot of important repair work, while you’re sleeping, so a good night’s sleep will help you to look just as young, as you feel.

8. Spend more time with children

Nothing brings out the kid in all of us more, than being with children. The youthful spirit is there, inside each and every one of us, we just learn to bury it. If you spend more time with children, your own children, a friends’ or a family members’, they will soon dig that youthful sprit back out of you!

How to feel younger every day? Do you have some other tips? Feel free to share them in the comment section below.

Stay beautiful and happy!

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