8 Fabulous positive affirmations you need to believe in

Being positive and staying positive, no matter what life throws in your face, is repeatedly noted as the best way to succeed and be happy by all kinds of experts, from leadership advisers to psychotherapists. Positive affirmations may be considered New Age junk by some, but because they are positive, we’d say there’s nothing wrong with trying to use them. Besides, if you think about it, whenever something dramatic happens, we unconsciously come up with our own positive affirmations in order to preserve our sanity and survive the drama. We then forget them, as we move on. Here are some positive affirmations any one of us could do with.

1. I am unique and valuable

Every person is unique, ask a DNA researcher. This uniqueness goes beyond genetics, however, it involves a unique makeup of of personal traits and characteristics too. It feels so good to be aware of your uniqueness, isn’t it? Then there’s value. Convincing yourself that you are just as valuable as any person you look up to will do wonders for your self-esteem and ambitions, so try it.

2. I can do it 

Whatever you’re doing, whenever you feel doubts that you will complete the task successfully, repeat that in your mind. This is, in fact, one of the unconscious affirmations we use when we’re straining to do something. Do it consciously and make it more effective, because telling yourself ‘I can do it’ encourages you to really do it, rather than give up, afraid that you’re not up to the task.

3. I’m great 

This is the shortest version of a whole group of positive affirmations concerning your professional path. You can choose another one that matches your situation – if you love the job you’re currently in, if you’re between jobs, or just starting a new career. The key is that whatever it is, you can do it and you can be great at it. You’re great at your work and you’re a fast learner, so no challenge can tip you off balance.

4. I’m healthy and happy

Even if you’re not, repeat this affirmation. If you’d like to make it sound more realistic, change it into ‘I’m getting healthier and happier every day’. The mind can work wonders on the body, that’s an established fact, so if you’re suffering from an ailment, repeat this affirmation to start feeling better (but don’t stop your medication, of course!). If you’re healthy, on the other hand, but have other problems, saying this affirmation will help you focus on the positive sides of your life, rather than the negative ones.

5. I attract love 

This, again, may sound difficult to believe if you’re feeling depressed and lonely after a heavy breakup, but it could help you, nevertheless. The fact is, we all can attract love if we just give it a try by believing in ourselves and believing that we can bring happiness into someone else’s life, and allow them to bring happiness into ours. Remember #1 tip: You are a unique and valuable human being.

6. I’m prosperous 

Ridiculous, you think? You dread the day when you have to pay rent every month? It could happen to anyone but what you need to remember is that things don’t have to stay this way forever. This what the purpose of positive affirmations like this one is: to make you realise that all is in your hands and you are fully capable of having a better life than you already have. Learn how to save money instead of frittering it. Learn a new skill that can get you a new, better-paid job. The possibilities are endless and you’re prosperous!

7. I am peaceful

This is a good one for those among us who are chronically anxious or have a short temper. Losing your cool is never a wise move in company, so a good thing to do is teach yourself to hold the reins tightly. Remaining calm in any situation will also help you see it more clearly and act accordingly. For example, if you hate your job and you’re being laid off, it might not be a time for fury but for celebration, right? Think along these lines, turning negativity into positivity. Once you get the hang of it, it’ll be easier every time.

8. I’m grateful for everything I have

There are so many things in everyone’s life to be grateful for but we most often choose to resent and regret the negative events. Be grateful for having a great family, for example, or for having the best friends in the world. The opposite of gratefulness is taking things and people for granted, which doesn’t make anyone happier, it makes them ever more indifferent to each other. Be positive, be grateful for what you have, both the things you worked for and the ones that came to you as a gift.

What are your favorite positive affirmations?

Stay happy!

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