8 Easy motivation tips on how to get rid of negative thoughts

The average human being has thousands of thoughts every single second. Some are conscious thoughts and others are subconscious, but when negative thoughts begin to take priority over more positive thoughts, then it can be hard to shut them out. Negative thoughts can also spiral out of control, with one sparking another and yet another. If we don’t control those negative thoughts and we allow that downward spiral to continue, it can ruin our mood and can affect our ability to carry out tasks, so read these easy ways that you can call a halt on those negative thoughts:

1. Look in the mirror and smile

Smiling in the mirror is our first and the most simple tip on how to get rid of negative thoughts. It sounds a bit strange, but go look in a mirror and smile at yourself. Smiling is contagious, even when it’s your own smile, and it will help to relax, make you feel lighter and lift your mood. Remember, it takes far less muscles to smile, than it does to frown.

2. Challenge your negative thoughts

Don’t just accept your negative thoughts, challenge them instead. If you are worrying about being late for an appointment, then ask yourself, what really is the worst that can happen if you are a bit late? You will probably even find that your worrying is what will make you late, as you won’t really be thinking straight when you are in a panic.

3. Sing one of your favorite songs

Another simple way to get rid of negative thoughts is – sing a song. You don’t need to be a good singer, nor do you even have to remember the words, but singing along to one of your favorite tunes is a fantastic way to lighten your mood and take your mind off negative thoughts. It’s an amazing way to kill off the stress too, so sing on!

4. Stop thinking about the negative and think about 10 things that you can be grateful for

Another tip on how to get rid of negative thoughts is – beat negativity by sincere gratitude. For every negative thought there are, probably, ten positive ones hiding away in there somewhere, you just need to focus on them. Stop your negative thoughts, dead in their tracks, by listing, at least, 10 good things that you have in your life and thank God for these blessings! You’ll find it helps.

5. Tell yourself that you want to be happy

How to get rid of negative thoughts? Take a decision to be happy. Abraham Lincoln once said that ‘most folks are as happy, as they want to be’ and Mr Lincoln wasn’t wrong. You can actually take the decision that you want to be happy. If you choose not to hold onto negative thoughts, then you are making the conscious decision to be more optimistic and, therefore, more happy. So, the next time you start to feel down, ask yourself: ‘Do I want to be unhappy or do I want to be happy?’ It’s all up to you.

6. Do something nice for someone

Another simple suggestion on how to get rid of negative thoughts is – do something good for someone. Do good deeds for someone less fortunate than you, and it will make you feel good about yourself, as well as take your mind off your negative thoughts. You could do some volunteer work, clear out your old clothes for donating to a charity or it could be as simple, as phoning and elderly relative for a chat.

7. Stop trying to second-guess other people

One of the biggest causes of negative thoughts is being worried about what other people think about you or about something that you have done. Doing this is likely to create problems in your own mind that simply don’t exist in reality. You can’t read minds, so don’t pretend that you can, and focus more on yourself and less on what other people may or may not be thinking about you.

8. Remember that problems don’t last forever

Too much planning and too much worrying will only lead to too much stress. When the negative thoughts are crowding your mind, remember that nothing lasts forever, even the bad things. Make the most of what you have today; many negative thoughts are completely unfounded, so face up to the problems when you really need to, it will probably never happen anyway.

How to get rid of negative thoughts? Do you have some other motivation tips to share?

Stay happy!

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