Self confidence can make a huge difference in the way you feel and perceive the world. Confidence can “give you wings” and can make you feel “unstoppable”, but lack of confidence can hinder you from advancing in life and accomplishing your goals. Let me share with you 7 tips to instantly boost your levels of self confidence and self esteem:

1) Posture.
My first tip might sound simple, but it can really make a huge difference – practice good posture! Certain scientific researches have proven that good posture has direct influence on the way you feel about yourself. By practicing good posture, you will “automatically” feel more confident, enthusiastic and empowered, and you will easily make good and positive impression on others.

2) Dress up, not down!
Although, clothes aren’t the most important things in the world, but the way you dress can tremendously affect the way you feel and, therefore, you can use this “tool” for your advantage, to boost your confidence level. When you wear elegant clothes that make you feel great – even your behaviour, the way you walk and talk change. And when I say elegant clothes I don’t necessarily mean expensive! You can find sharp and elegant clothing in any shop, just chose the pieces that make you feel more elegant, confident and attractive.

3) Tell yourself compliments in front of a mirror.
You are your own best friend! I know, this sounds weird but it’s true! So, try to encourage yourself and boost your level of confidence by telling compliments to yourself in front of a mirror, say kind and good words to yourself, mention your strengths and goals, highlight your abilities and talents. You will see how well this technique can boost your confidence!

4) Be appreciative and grateful.
…And I don’t mean that you only need to be polite and say “thank you” to the lady in the supermarket (even though it’s a good and normal thing to do, of course). By being grateful, I mean that you need to focus on things that you already have in your life and for which you feel gratitude. When you do so, you train your subconscious mind for success, because you acknowledge that you’ve already achieved a lot of good stuff to be grateful for (it can be: loving family, good health, food, your skills or any other things that you appreciate in your life). As the famous “law of attraction” says – “like attracts like”, so by taking time every day to feel thankful you will attract more things to be grateful for!

5) Look for the best in other people.
It’ can be so easy to engage ourselves into gossips and start criticising other people. But let’s learn to live differently. Let’s learn to look for and see only the best in other people. By doing so, we will bring out the best in ourselves and, therefore, we’ll feel more confident!

6) Start loving sport and work out!
Being in a great physical shape can be really a great confidence booster and not only this. When you start working out, you will also boost your energy levels and thus – your productivity will grow. All this can lead you to better achievements and more rewarding and positive life.

7) Try something new.
Doing something new, something that seemed scary or difficult to you, and doing it anyway, can greatly boost your levels of confidence (and also, trying new things can help you to evolve and grow). So, take those tango classes that you’ve always wanted to take, learn new language, join evening painting classes…do something that you’ve always wanted to do…

I hope you found it useful. What are your ways to boost self confidence and self esteem?
Please, share your thoughts in the comment’s section.

Stay happy and confident!


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