Kids are simply brilliant! They don’t have much of life’s experience, but they possess such an incredible wisdom of life that they can teach us, adults, some important, healthy values and lessons that we, probably, have forgotten with the time…Let’s begin:

1) Unconditional love

Kids are free from social boundaries and prejudices, for them, strangers are friends, this is why we often need to tell children not to talk to strangers. Yes, unconditional love is something that we all used to know when we were kids. Children give without expecting anything back, they smile to strangers without asking themselves too many questions. They love you because they love you. You don’t need to prove anything!

2) They believe

Children have very pure heart, they aren’t acquainted with lies, betrayal or deception…They have strong, unwavering faith that all things are possible. They are able to believe anything! They believe in Santa Claus and Fairies…let’s learn to have faith from children and remember to believe in miracles…

3) No fear, no worry

Well, fear can be somewhat necessary for living, but only, the right type of fear: for example, the fear of fire will prevent you from placing your hand into a bonfire; but some types of fear (that we acquired with the time) are totally unnecessary: fear of what people might think, fear of rejection, fear of failure, etc…Kids are free of these needless worries and fears that might hinder the expansion of true potential and personality.

4) Children laugh and play

They dance, they sing, they laugh and play, but we, adults, often, take things too seriously. Sometime we even forget that life, actually, can be fun! Of course, maturity, in some measure, is important in many situations, but let’s not forget to take time to laugh and play, just as we used to do when we were kids.

5) Be present in the moment

Kids don’t have worries about the future and they don’t regret about the past. We should learn from them how to be present in the moment and enjoy life, as much as they do!

6) The sense of wonder 

Children are very curious, they have this amazing sense of wonder that makes their life so much more exiting, interesting and fun. Often, children bombard their parents with many questions, because they have the burning desire to learn new things every day. Let’s learn this powerful life lesson and wisdom from kids.

7) They take a nap

Children nap almost every day and they wake up with refreshed and renewed strength. If we learn napping, just as kids naturally do it, we might be able to, finally, cut out caffeine…

Children are happy and smiling most of the time, they have this happy ability to live life to fullest and there are plenty of things we, adults, can learn from them.

I hope you found these positive, inspirational thoughts and life lessons form kids useful. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment’s section below.

Stay happy!


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