6 Tips on how to spread positivity everywhere you go

Being positive is attractive, and it also keeps you happy, because positivity enables you to see the good sides of life more clearly and prevents you from dwelling on the negatives. Yet, it’s difficult to remain positive in the face of all the petty problems, big issues, and general cruelty in the world that we encounter, especially in the news, more often that we would like. Here are some tips to help you stay positive and share this positivity with everyone you meet.

1. Smile

Most of us, no matter how down they feel, would smile in response to another person’s smile. How about taking things into your own hands and being the one who smiles first? Smile at your family in the morning, smile at your co-workers, smile at the shop assistant. First of all, smiling is good exercise for your facial muscles. Second, it can lighten your own mood. Third, it literally spreads positivity and makes other people feel happier too. That’s a nice thought, isn’t it? By the way, it works even if you force it. You may start off by forcing a smile but in a few seconds you’ll feel that it’s getting genuine and you’re feeling better. Just try it and see how it goes.

2. A sincere compliment 

We know that sometimes, when you’re angry or depressed for one reason or another, everyone around you seems to be irritating and annoying. Luckily, this is a temporary feeling that goes away as soon as something positive happens to you. This positive thing could be the light in a friend’s eyes, when you tell her how great she looks in her new dress. Giving, you know, is much more rewarding than receiving. In fact, a sincere good word to someone around you could get you out of your depression, because it would help you see how little we all need in the way of encouragement to feel happy.

3. Work the social circuit

Unless you’re one of the few people left in this world without a social network account, put that account to good use, spreading positivity. It doesn’t have to be sentimental spam, it can be just a status or picture that makes you feel happier. That’s what sharing is all about: if something makes you feel good, share it with other people to make them feel good too. Mind the thin line between bragging and sharing the positivity, when it comes to something that has happened to you. If you have the time and the inclination you can even start a blog dedicated to just positive stuff – it could be news, it could be your insights into being happy, whatever works for you.

4. Being a good listener 

There are few things more down-putting than a disinterested listener. You’ve probably had such an experience or maybe you haven’t, but we can assure you that it really is depressing to talk to someone who can barely hide their boredom. Does this mean that the person speaking is boring? It could be, but most often than not, it’s just the lack of ability to listen to someone, and listen carefully. There are so many interesting things people are willing to share with you, and by being unable to listen effectively, you’re missing the opportunity to learn something new. So, instead of fretting over dinner, next time a co-worker wants to share some story, try to listen. You might be able to give an adequate advice, or just learn a bit more about how this other person lives and how their life is different from yours.

5. Humor and laughter 

Okay, it’s a fact that not all of us are born comedians, but it wouldn’t hurt to laugh when someone else is being funny, right? Even if the joke is silly, who says we shouldn’t laugh at silly jokes? There is a time to be serious, and then there is a time to be silly and childish. And here’s the good thing about being funny: you get better at it the more you practise. So, even if you believe you don’t have much of a sense of humour, work on it and it will develop awesomely. Being funny actually means being positive, being able to turn even the bleakest of situations into a funny one. This is a knack, and the way to master it is by trying to see every situation from different perspectives. There will be at least one positive thing among them.

6. Resist spreading gloom 

It’s oh, so tempting to share your worries and pessimism with everyone who asks you how are you doing, especially if this person is really concerned. It’s also normal to want to share a bit of your load, it’s a way of coping with whatever is bothering you. What is not OK, however, is becoming obsessed with the problems you have and starting to be unable to maintain a conversation that doesn’t focus on these very problems. Push them to the back of your mind every chance you get, unless things are urgent, in which case they will need quick solving, and then you can move on. Nobody likes a chronic whiner, even you.

How to spread positivity everywhere we go? What are your best positive thinking tips?

Stay happy!

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