Today let’s talk about Golden Rules of life that will help you live more happily, harmoniously and consciously…Let’s begin:

1) The rule of boomerang

When we help other people – we, actually, help ourselves…The seed of good deeds that we are planting, usually, brings the harvest of positivity, happiness and satisfaction.

2) The rule of higher road

We can pass to the higher road/level of life only when we give to others more than they ask from us and if, at all times, we treat all people better than they treat us.

3) The rule of learning

Potentially, every person we meet is able to teach us something new, thus, enriching our life.

4) The rule of reciprocity

Before starting to point to other people’s faults, let’s pay attention to our own shortcomings…We get back what we give. Therefore, if you wonder how to be happy in life, give happiness away and you’ll receive it back hundredfold.

5) The rule of mastermind

Usually, when we collaborate with other people and focus our common efforts on accomplishing one and the same goal, we are more likely to achieve success quicker.

6) The rule of cultivation

Any relationship, just like a flower, needs cultivation and nourishment, therefore, let’s take time and invest our energy and effort to cultivate our relationships with other people.

7) The rule of two sides of the same coin

Any situation or problem, even though it might look negative, has positive sides to it. For example, loosing your current job liberates opportunities for finding a better one!

8) The rule of belief

When we believe in people and look for their best qualities, they tend to demonstrate these qualities toward us even more. Also, if we believe that we can or we can’t do something, we are, anyway, right!

9) The rule of attitude

Two people can see the same situation or problem differently and their inner attitude will determine, whether they will go out of it as winners or suffer a defeat.

10) The rule of hurt

Often, people who’ve been wounded (emotionally or physically) tend to hurt others. Try to remember this when you meet such a person and treat them with compassion and kindness.

11) The rule of luck

Luck isn’t something accidental. Luck comes from decision and determination. A person who considers himself/herself lucky will always prove himself/herself right. Successful people create and shape their luck with their own hands.

12) The rule of genuine interest

People tend to have a positive disposition and show more interest toward those people, who showed interest toward them on the first place.

13) The rule of relationships

Value your relationships. Never value a situation or a position more than your relationship.

14) The rule of choices

Choices we make now determine our future. Let’s remember it and make sure we value right things and make proper choices. If you want to go quickly – go alone, if you want to go far – go together.

15) The rule of smile

People say that a smile is universal welcome and everyone (it doesn’t’ matter what language a person speaks) understands a smile. When you give your smile to someone  – you, usually, get it back!

16) The rule of offense

Make sure to forgive those who offend you and set the prisoner free. When I say “prisoner”, i don’t mean another person!

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Stay beautiful!


  1. Jane T.
    December 10, 2013 at 10:33 am

    What a great website! I love starting my morning with it!

  2. Stef
    December 10, 2013 at 1:47 am

    Good stuff!

  3. Grace
    December 10, 2013 at 12:20 am

    Love the post!

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