12 Amazing Happy New Year wishes for friends

When it comes to New Year this year, are you going to settle for another bland and boring “Happy New Year” message to your friends and family, or are you going to try to come up with something a bit more meaningful? If you want to ring in the New Year with something that will strike a chord, or perhaps a message that will raise a smile, read this collection of Amazing New Year wishes to send to your friends. We, at Beauty And Tips, wish you a wonderful and very Happy New Year 2016!

“May 31st of December mark the end of your troubles, and 1st January 2016 mark the beginning of new joy. Have a happy New Year!”

For those you know who have not had the best of years, reminding them that a New Year marks the beginning of a new chapter in their lives could be the message that they need to see.

“Let’s celebrate this New Year by thanking everyone who made our last year so full of smiles and happiness!”

The New Year is also a time to be thankful for those around you who have brought you joy. Look back on the last year and remember all the fun you have and don’t dwell on the hardships you may have had to endure.

“Forget the past and remember what it made you. Now you are a better person who is ready not to make the same mistake one more time. After all, one learns from experiences. Happy New Year.”

No one is perfect and we all make mistakes. We are all quite likely to make more in the New Year too, but that’s what makes us who we are.

“As you welcome 2016 let me convey my best wishes to you and tell you that I whispered a prayer for you so that the year turns out to be a fulfilling one for you.”

A simple message of support could be enough to lift the spirits of a friend who perhaps need a little bit of encouragement.

“Hoping that this New Year brings to you newly found joy, prosperity, and everything else you hope for. Have a wonderful New Year.”

We all have different aspirations and dreams for the New Year, so share your enthusiasm for the new start the New Year represents.

“Let this New Year be not just another one; make the most out of every moment and chase of all those dreams! Happy New Year!”

New Year’s do seem to come and go quite quickly, so perhaps this is something that has some meaning for many of us. Let’s not just wish people a happy New Year, again, let’s all hope that this New Year is really a year to remember.

“As the New Year approaches us once again, with hopes anew, here is wishing you and your family a wonderful year ahead. Happy New Year”

New Year does mark the passing of a year and the beginning of new hope. We all get twelve new months to look forward to and that means new opportunities and new hopes.

“As the New Year renews all the happiness and good tidings, hope the joyful spirit keeps glowing in your heart forever! Happy New Year!”

This message is just so nice and happy, and it kind of reminds us that all the happiness and joyful feelings that Christmas holidays bring, doesn’t all have to end on the 31st December.

“A New Day has come and with it a brand New Year, bringing with it opportunities to shine. Make the best of this year to achieve success in all your endeavours.”

The New Year is the time to start thinking about new challenges and new goals. This is the time of year we make resolutions to change things in our lives, so this message might be just the encouragement someone needs to see them through.

“May the New Year fill up days with all things that are nice and bright – here is wishing you a lovely New Year.”

This one’s sweet and to the point, but New Year’s messages don’t all need to be deep and meaningful to get a good message across. After all, what more could anyone hope for but a New Year filled with nice and bright moments.

“May love be in your heart, happiness in your mind, and a smile on your lips, the whole year through.”

Love and happiness are what most us hope for ourselves, so let’s wish the same for our friends and family too.

“Let this New Year Message be a carrier of good luck for you and yours for the coming year!”

Whatever else you believe in, a little bit of good luck will never go amiss. Let’s hope we all have a fantastic New Year to look forward and that it brings everyone what they really want.

Happy New Year!

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