10 Wonderful reasons to love who you are

Everyone has bad days, without those how we would recognise the good ones? That shouldn’t be a reason for you to blame, criticize or hate yourself, but sometimes that’s how we feel. Too fat, too skinny, dead end job, no job, it’s easy to feel down about yourself sometimes…If you’re having one of the days, or even weeks, like this, then take a moment to read to these ten reasons why you should love the person that is you:

1. Hating yourself won’t fix a thing, but loving yourself will make you feel happier

One very good reason for not hating yourself, but loving, is that negative emotions won’t do you any good. We all have things about ourselves that could do with a little improvement and we all have regrets, but you have to put those aside, let them go and concentrate on what you love about yourself before you can start to address the things that you dislike and change them.

2. There is no such thing as a person with ‘perfection’ label

No one ever stops learning and growing. If they think that they have, then they are deluding themselves. The fact that you are able to identify things in you that you would like to change is a great cause for celebration in itself. That means that you are alive and have ambition, so don’t knock it.

3. Loving yourself is God’s commandment or a powerful ‘law’ of life

Another reason to learn to love yourself is that it’s God’s commandment.‘Love your neighbor as you love yourself’ (Matthew 22:39). Loving yourself enables you to stand on your own two feet. Everyone needs love in their life, so why not start by loving yourself? If you take a long, hard look at yourself, you will soon find qualities in you that you can love and even admire, so go on, start today!

4. You are a one-off

Next reason to learn to love yourself is that your are one of a kind! You are different from everybody else, that’s true, but that’s not something to get down about. There is no point in trying to emulate other people, so celebrate your uniqueness instead. Even some of those things that you don’t like about yourself are a part of what makes you special. Remember it.

5. Love and accept yourself fully and completely, and more people will like you

Next reason why you should learn to love yourself is that it will make you more likable. When you love yourself, you exude a kind of confidence and well-being that other people want to be around. No one wants to spend too much time with someone who is constantly running themselves down, so build yourself up and you will find that you’ll make more friends.

6. Loving yourself will bring you success

Success comes easier to those who love themselves and self-hatred is a self-fulfilling prophesy. If you constantly tell yourself that you can’t do something, then you never will do it, so psych yourself up, believe in yourself, and things will start to happen.

7. You are smarter than you think

Most people are far more intelligent, than they give themselves credit for, they just don’t believe it. Remember that you know things that others don’t, but you can’t be an expert in every field. Be proud of what you do know and love yourself for it.

8. When you love yourself, you can help others a lot more efficiently 

Another reason to learn to love yourself is that you’ll be able to help other people better. Let me explain…When you love yourself, you look after yourself first. This is not being selfish at all, just practical. Think about the safety talk on an airline; you put your oxygen mask on first and then you help others. Loving yourself makes you a better person and it enables you to help others a lot more efficiently too.

9. You will stop trying to please other people and will become freer and happier

Stop trying to please other people and spend time pleasing you instead. You don’t need to be in competition with everyone else, that doesn’t matter. What matters is your own happiness and that will come when you start to love who you really are. If someone criticizes or judges you, then only listen to them after they have shown you their ‘certificate of perfection’.

10. When you love yourself, you can love others

Love yourself and you will begin to love and care for other people around you in a whole new light. They too have their flaws and imperfections, just like you and, when you learn to love your own flaws and imperfections, you will start to learn to love other peoples flaws  too.

Well, there are many other reasons to start loving yourself…

What are your thoughts about it? Please, feel free to share them in the comment section below.

Stay happy!

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