10 Ways To Make At Least One Person Happy Every Day

“Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.” 

     – Lao Tzu

Happiness is infectious. Although you might think it’s counter productive to make someone else happy in order to be happy yourself, it actually works perfectly because by spreading happiness, you’re a part of it all.

In fact, the best way to be happy is to make other people happy.

Think about it: When you practice kindness to someone, you get to see their face light up. You know you did a good thing – you feel it.

And the old saying that we get what we give? That’s totally true. If you give happiness, you will get happiness in much the same way that if you give anger, you will receive anger.

But how do you make someone happy each and every single day? Let’s take a look!

Compliment Them

This has to be the easiest way of making someone happy. And yet, how often do we complement someone? Not nearly enough.

Most positive things go largely unsaid. If someone looked great yesterday when you met up for a coffee, you may not have told them so. Not out of malice, but because it didn’t cross your mind to mention it.

It means so much to someone when you pay them a nice compliment. If someone you know looks great today, tell them! If they’ve accomplished something awesome recently, let them know how proud you are of them.

Remind people each day of their gifts. Make them feel good about themselves.

… And Don’t Be Shy About Complimenting A Stranger

Is it weird to compliment a stranger? Why would it be?

Little comments from people we’ve never met in our lives can make our day. If you see someone on a bus with a great haircut, tell them how fabulous you think it is.

Complimenting a stranger is not weird at all, and you’ll be amazed at how your few words can get them beaming all day long.

And they’ll probably mention you on Facebook, too!

Offer To Do A Task For Someone

In life, there are things that people just don’t want to do. Maybe you know someone who’s been putting off creating their schedule for weeks or months, or perhaps you know someone who’s been meaning to organise their files and documents but just can’t bring themselves to do it.

If there is something you’re good at that your friend needs doing but really doesn’t want to do it themselves, offer to do it for them. Take a load off for them.

Buy Someone A Cake At Work

In the movie Groundhog Day, Bill Murray plays a cranky misanthrope who’s probably never done anyone a nice thing in his life. That’s why it always makes me feel good when the scene comes on where he buys his producer and cameraman a cake and a coffee before filming. The cameraman, who clearly wasn’t excepting this act of kindness, can’t help but smile. It makes his day.

If you know that someone in your office is having a bad day, why not brighten it with a cake? Cheer them up. Motivate them. Treat them. Be good to them!

Tip With Generosity

Waiters and waitresses rely on tips to top up their wages so that they can earn a decent enough living. The next time you go out for a meal, tip with generosity. Maybe tonight they can treat themselves to a good meal!

Call Someone Without A Reason

I always get a bit giddy when a friend I really like calls me up. Then, I feel slightly deflated when they tell me they’re calling because they need something. URGH.

That doesn’t make me happy. But you know what does make me happy? When someone calls without a reason.

“I called you up just to see how you’re doing.”


Express Your Gratitude To Someone

We often don’t know how important we are to someone because we’re not told nearly enough. So wouldn’t it be amazing if you told someone dear to you just how much they mean to you, and how thankful you are that they’re in your life?

It’s easy to take our friends for granted. They’re there, and we expect them to always be there. They know we love them and are happy that they’re in our lives, so there’s no reason to tell them, right?


Make them happy by expressing your gratitude to them. Let them know how much they mean to you, and that you’re really not sure what you’d do if they ever left your life.

Give Food To Homeless People

Homeless people never know when their next meal is coming. Each day, they rely on the kindness of strangers like you and I to brighten their day, giving them money for food and drink.

If you want to make someone happy today or tomorrow, give a homeless person a sandwich and a coffee. They will appreciate it beyond words.

Encourage Someone

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes get the feeling that the world is full of more discouragers than encouragers. It seems that people want to tell us to “get real” and “put things into perspective”.

Like, “you could do that, but I don’t think it’s your thing. You’ve not really got the talent to see it through.”

This is so negative.

The world needs more encouragers and less critics. YOU can make someone happy today by encouraging them to follow their dreams. If you know someone who is, for example, thinking about starting a business, send them a message letting them know that you believe in them. They can do it.

Be Silly!

Everyone needs a bit of light relief every now and then. If we all walk around sombre and moody, it’s hardly going to bring great joy to everyone’s spirits!

So why not lift the gloom by acting the clown? Tell jokes, retell funny anecdotes. Fool around. Play pranks. Remind people that life doesn’t have to be so serious – it can be a laugh!

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