10 Ways To De-Stress and Feel Happier Right Now

If you’ve decided to visit this page, it’s probably because you’ve been feeling stressed recently. In fact, you might even be stressed right now and feel as though you’re about to explode.

But hold on a second. Before you explode, we’ve got the perfect antidote for you: 10 ways to de-stress and feel happier right now.

How does that sound? Doesn’t that sound lovely and tranquil? So join us, as we take a look at some ways that you can lift all that stress off your shoulders and feel happier today.

1. Go For A Walk

Nothing says relaxed quite like going for a walk does. Even if you just stroll around the grounds of your house for ten minutes, you’ll be de-stressing and removing the cares and woes from your clogged mind.

Top tip: If you live in a noisy neighbourhood, it’s always best to go for a walk in a park or somewhere equally quiet. Busy streets, honking car horns and screaming kids is not the best environment if you’re looking to de-stress.

2. Chew Some Gum

Sounds simple doesn’t it? That’s because most ways of de-stressing are simple. If you’ve got a lot on your plate and are finding it hard to cope with all the tasks in front of you, chewing gum is a simply yet super-powerful way of improving attentiveness and productivity. Indeed, gum-chewers actually get more work done than non-gum chewers.

So if you find yourself unable to multi-task due to stress, why not buy a pack of the chewy good stuff?

3. Smile!

Again, a really simple one here. Really simple but also really effective. Just smiling at your colleagues can enough to make you realise that things are not all that bad at all. The more you smile, the happier you’ll feel, and the more positive you will be about your situation. All it takes is a smile now and then throughout your day to put your troubles into perspective, and to make you realise that life doesn’t have to be so gosh darn difficult. So be positive and smile your cares away.

4. Put Your Stress Into Perspective

Nearly everyone in the 21st century will get stressed at some point, and this is because we’re living busier lives. But are we putting all this undue stress upon us unnecessarily? We buy lots of cars which break down, and we work 60 hours a week simply because we feel we have to.

A lot of the stresses in life are trivial matters, and so what you need to do is look at why you’re stressed and consider whether it’s really worth making yourself ill over. Think about others and how difficult they have and then ask yourself whether you’re stressing out over nothing.

5. Kiss!

When we kiss someone, our brain releases endorphins, which are basically happy hormones. Because kissing makes us feel good, it’s a fantastic way of de-stressing. Naturally, we only recommend that you either kiss your loved one or someone you know. If you can’t think of anyone, how about grandma?

6. Listen To Your Favourite Music

Music is well-known for its ability to soothe us when we’re feeling stressed. So whenever you’re feeling like you simply cannot cope, why not take a few minutes out of your day to just kick back and relax with your favourite music?

Music can improve your mood, and it can also relieve symptoms of depression. Moreover, it can slow sown your speedy heart rate, and it can also reduce blood pressure. The famous German philosopher Nietzsche said that “life without music would be unbearable,” and we think he’s got a point. Good old Nietzsche.

7. Walk Away From The Screen

It’s time to close your laptop and it’s time to give yourself a break from emails.

(But not just yet ‘cause we’ve still got some handy tips to hand out)

See, the more you use your computer, the more stressed you become. Eventually, it takes over your life. You check your emails first thing in the morning, and then you check them again ten minutes later. You wake up at 2am and you check them then, too. One of the easiest and most purifying ways to de-stress is to take a break from the monitor that is taking over your life.

8. Do What You Need To Do

One of the major reasons many of us get stressed is because we let things get on top of us. Rather than take the bulls by the horns, we put things off. We delay and procrastinate and say “I’ll do it tomorrow.”

But then tomorrow comes and every task needs doing at once. Then we say: “WHY DIDN’T I DO IT YESTERDAY?!”

Too late. You’ve now got way too much on your plate and you can’t cope. To stop this from happening, you could stop delaying things and do what you need to do today. It’ll be much easier in the long run.

9. Indulge In A Snack

Okay, we know you’re on a super-healthy diet, and we know you told yourself “NO CAKES”, but just this once you can treat yourself to something sweet.

See, when we’re feeling stressed, we need to a pick-me-up. We need a reward to give us a boost, and what better reward than an edible treat? Although bad for our health if we eat too much, a sugary cake now and then can make us feel better. This is not just because they taste divine; it’s also because sugar can reduce our production of glucocorticoid, a nasty stress hormone. Yay for sugar! (but not too much) Yay!

10. Swap Stress For A Puzzle

When we stress out, we focus on the stress. We focus on the reasons we’re stressed, and we focus on the things that still need doing. Eventually, we almost explode.

So why not take some time out and trade thinking about your stress for a mental exercise, such as a puzzle? You’ll be keeping you brain ticking over, and you’ll be de-stressing because you won’t be focusing on the bad stuff anymore.

Stay happy!

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