10 Ways not sweating the small stuff will make you happier  

How to not sweat the small stuff? Have you noticed how some people just shrug of the small irritations in life, while others seem to fly off the handle at the slightest problem? Well, we all have our off days, when we are more irritable than usual, but constantly worrying about the most minor of things is not only counterproductive, it can also affect your health. If you are guilty of making mountains out of molehills, then read these ten ways that not sweating the small stuff will improve your life and make you happier:

1. It will lengthen your life

Here’s a great reason to stop sweating the small stuff: it will help you to live for longer. A recent study conducted in Oregon found that older men who do worry about the small things live shorter lives than those who don’t. Everyone has to deal with about the same number of irritations in their lives, but what matters, is how you deal with them.

2. It reduces stress

It goes without saying that worrying all the time will cause stress, but did you know that obsessing over the little things could lead to heart disease and other problems? People who are constantly sweating the small stuff have far higher blood pressure than those who let things go, and that can lead to the onset of coronary problems.

3. People will like you more

You will probably make more friends if you stop worrying too. It can be quite wearing having a friend who is constantly assuming the worst and blowing things out of all proportion. If you do it too often, people aren’t going to want to spend as much time with you.

4. You will get more sleep

When you put the small problems to bed quickly, you will find that when you go to bed you will sleep a whole lot better too. It’s not just that you won’t be worrying about things at night; it’s also that you will be a generally calmer person and so you will be able to relax more easily.

5. It will improve your concentration

When you get rid of those niggles that are running around in your head, you will be able to concentrate on the important things far better. That will help you enjoy what is going on around you, from watching TV to talking to a friend, because your mind will be fully focused on what you are doing.

6. You will become more of an optimist

Once you have learned to laugh off the minor disappointments, you will begin to have a far more optimistic view of life.  You will be able to look forward to things, rather than assuming that they will go wrong, and that anticipation of great things to come is a wonderful feeling.

7. You will become more self-confident

The constant worrier is also not usually a very confident person and this can stop them from socialising and getting on in life. When you learn not sweat the small things, like whether or not someone likes you, you have more confidence to talk to people and to make new friends.

8. You will be able to help other people more

Once you have beaten your own obsessive worrying, you will be in a far better position to offer other people help and advice. You will realise that everyone has worries and problems, but by not building your own up into more than they really are, you can give more help to someone who really needs it. Being able to help someone will give you far more happiness and satisfaction, than constantly asking for their help.

9. You will begin to look at problems in a constructive way

Happy people aren’t those that have no problems, they are the ones who see their problems in a different way than you. When you realise this, you will be able to see opportunities in difficult times that you would have otherwise missed, and you will understand that mistakes can be learned from.

10. You will solve big problems faster and you will become happier

To the big-time sweater, every problem is a big one and every minor irritation is a huge annoyance. This means that they don’t put the energy and the effort into solving the truly big issues in their lives. This creates a viscous circle and one problem begins to pile upon another. By not sweating the small stuff, you will be able to prioritise what really needs to be done and, through that, you will become a far happier person.

How to not sweat the small stuff? Do you have some tips to share?

Stay healthy and be happy!

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