10 Ways most of us limit ourselves without even realising it

Some people say that the biggest thing that gets in the way of achievement is a lack of self-belief. After all, we are all born pretty much equal and we all leave the world in the same way too. It is true that some people may get a better start in life than others do, but everyone can do something to change their lives, if they want to. If you have the courage to step out of your comfort zone and move away from what you have been used to, you can probably achieve far more than you believe is possible. First, though, you have to stop doing the things that many of us do that hold us back. If you don’t believe that you can achieve your dreams, read these ten things that a lot of people do that limit their chances of moving forward in life.

1. We get too used to saying the word can’t

I can’t run a marathon, I can’t pass a university degree, and I can’t start a new career at my age, are just a few of the ‘cant’s’ that we all use far too often. We use the word can’t when we should be saying that something would be hard to achieve, but not impossible.

2. We always take the safe route

Many people always take the safe option and that means avoiding anything that seems a bit too unfamiliar to them. It’s something that we all do to some extent, like sticking to food that we know, or always going to the same places when we go out. If you always take the safe and secure option, though, you will never be able to expand your horizons.

3. We lack patience

Many people also want instant results from everything and, if they don’t see that, they quit too early and move on to something else. Many things that we want will take time to achieve and that goes for losing weight, as much as it does for learning new skills. If you are looking to change your whole life, you will need to give it time to happen and not give up too early.

4. We are scared of change

The fear of change is a common problem for many people they get so comfortable in their surroundings and their routines that the thought of change becomes a really scary one. This often holds people back because, for example, they want a new job, but they don’t want to lose their friends at work. They forget that they can still see those friends out of work, and that they will make new friends in a new job.

5. We don’t want to be different

It’s always easier to follow what everyone else is doing and go with the crowd. Sometimes, though, we need to ask if that is really what we want to do, or are we just taking the path of least resistance. Most great leaders and achievers are people who went against the grain and tried something different.

6. We forget how to hope

Perhaps we are all just a little bit too practical, sometimes, and we have become afraid to hope. We analyse things too logically and forget that sometimes dreams do come true. If you believe that nothing good will ever happen to you, than that will hold you back from even trying. Sometimes it is worth trusting in luck and just hoping that things do go your way.

7. We look too hard for failure

Everyone has setbacks and disappointments, but if you always expect the worst, then you are never going to take the risks that could bring you greater rewards. It would be better to prepare for the possibility of failure, but not to expect it, or you will be forever limiting yourself.

8. We quit too soon

People also often give up trying far too soon. Any fight that is worth fighting will be hard and there could well be setbacks along the way. Giving up and walking away too soon, might be the easiest option, but it won’t ever get you to where you want to be.

9. We forget why we are doing things

When you are trying to improve yourself, or change your life, then you must never lose sight of why you started out on this path. The ultimate goal might seem a long way off, but if you keep it in your mind, it will give you the drive to carry on.

10. We don’t listen to our hearts

Your heart is often the best indication of what you really want, but many of us are too frightened to follow our hearts. Instead, we listen to our minds that tell us our ideas are foolish and we are just dreaming. We forget that all the best ideas come from the heart and that, sometimes, it is better to let the heart rule the head.

Stay happy!

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