10 Useful tips on how to forgive yourself when you need to

How to forgive yourself for past mistakes? Some of us are good at forgiving others, but are so hard on ourselves. It’s as important to be able to forgive yourself, as it is to be kind to others. So why do so many of us berate ourselves so harshly for even the smallest of mistakes? If you are one of the many who simply can’t forgive your own mistakes, then read these ten tips on how to do. It will make you feel much better about yourself.

1. Understand that you did the best that you could

We all have different skills and we can’t be great at everything. Perhaps there are things that you could improve upon, but, if you did your best, then that is all you can ask of yourself. Give yourself a break, it can’t possibly go right, all of the time.

2. Give some love to yourself

Another good tip on how to forgive yourself is to start loving yourself more. If someone close to you made an honest mistake, would you be so harsh on them? Learn to love yourself and be kind to that person that is you. You are worth just the same amount of forgiveness, as the people around you.

3. Treat life as a book

Another suggestion on how to forgive yourself is to treat life as a book. You have to accept what has happened and turn the page to a new chapter. Everything that happens is just a very small part of a much longer story, so forgive yourself and move on. The only way from here, is forward.

4. Reevaluate your standards

Are you setting your own standards too high? Take a look at the values and the standards that you are judging yourself and think about whether you are asking the impossible of yourself. Are they really your own standards or you are trying to impress others? If you are out to impress, then perhaps you should think more about yourself, than others, for a change.

5. Treat mistakes as lesson and then try again

So you messed up this time, that doesn’t mean that you will make the same mistake again. Each and every event in our lives is a lesson learned and, so long as you learn from the lesson, it will be easier to forgive yourself and try again.

6. Don’t try so hard

Sometimes, you’re so busy trying to get somewhere and pushing yourself so hard, that you forget to look after yourself. Long term plans take time to come to fruition, so forgive yourself for not achieving the ultimate goals just yet and congratulate yourself for how far you have got with all those smaller victories.

7. Put the past behind you

Next good tip on how to forgive yourself is to leave the past in the past, it’s where it belongs. Analyse what has happened, by all means, but once that’s done, make the conscious effort to close that chapter and move on. Accept what has happened, forgive yourself, let it all go and concentrate on the present moment, as well as on the future.

8. Admit when things are not all your fault

There are any things over which we have no control. Don’t blame yourself unfairly for everything that goes wrong and, in your own mind, let others take their fair share of the blame.

9. Learn to accept

If you don’t accept things and continue to think that you must fix all your mistakes, then you can never forgive yourself. This feeling of ‘I can’t allow for this to happen’, when it already has, will get you nowhere. Accept, forgive and get on with something more productive.

10. Make amends where you can

Take steps to make amends, where you can, to those around you that your mistake has affected and to yourself. Saying sorry, is always a good start, and then concentrate on making things better, rather than wasting time being wracked with guilt.

How to forgive yourself for past mistakes? Do you have some other tips to share?

Stay happy!

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