10 Useful daily rituals that can change your life

Having a regular routine to your life can help to keep things calm and under control. It’s when you flit, from one thing to another with no plan or discipline that things can get out of control. That’s where daily rituals can become important. They can provide a structure to your day and put you back in control of what is happening. Changing your daily routine for the better might take a lot of effort, but it really can change your whole life, so read these the ten daily rituals that could make you a better and much happier person.

1. Schedule your breaks

A really easy way to reduce your stress levels and make your day more productive is to employ what some people call the 50/10 rule. What this comes down to is that taking regular, short breaks, throughout the day is far better for you than trying to work solidly for many consecutive hours at a time. If you get into the habit of working for fifty minutes, and then taking a ten minute break, you will find that you work a lot more efficiently and you won’t feel so tired at the end of the day.

2. Get into a regular sleep pattern

Set times for going to bed and for waking up and stick to those times, even at the weekends. Your body works a lot better when you get into a regular routine of sleep. You will sleep a lot better at night and you will be more alert during the day.

3. Download your troubles before you go to sleep

Another simple trick to make sure that you get a good night’s sleep is to make a ritual of always writing out a to-do list before you go to bed. If you make a list of what needs doing the next day, you will worry less about it at night. You won’t wake up in a panic the next morning either, because you will have already planned out your day.

4. Be physically active at least once a day

Get into a routine of getting some form of exercise every single day, even it’s only for ten minutes. Just a brisk walk at lunchtime will increase your heart rate and make your blood flow faster and it could make all the difference to your health. Alternatively, you could get into the habit of working out for ten minutes every morning, which would get your metabolism going and wake you up.

5. Wake up early and get a good breakfast

Early morning rituals are probably the easiest to get into, because there are fewer distractions first thing in the morning. Set your alarm clock for half an hour earlier and you will have far more time to get ready and compose yourself for the day. You’ll also get time to eat a good breakfast and enjoy it, and that will set you up nicely for the day.

6. Say thank you for at least one thing every day

Practicing gratitude can make you appreciate your life so much more, so try just saying thank you for one thing every day. It could be that you show gratitude for your health, your family or the roof you have over your head. Whatever it is, it will remind that you do have good things in your life and it will help to balance out the negative emotions that you might be feeling.

7. Switch off when you are with other people

Another ritual that a lot of people would do well to follow is to always put away your phone when you are with other people. People will respect and trust you a lot more if you give them your undivided attention and you will enjoy socialising a lot more too.

8. Get some time alone

No matter how much you love your family, or how busy you are at work, it’s still very important that you get some time to yourself to just sit back and relax. Make sure you get some time, at least once a week, to do just what you want to do and unwind. It will give you a chance to organise your thoughts and recharge your batteries.

9. Do one good deed every day

Make it habit to do at least one good deed for someone else every day. You will put a smile on someone’s face and it will help you feel better about yourself too. It has been proven that people who are kind to other people are far happier themselves and it takes hardly any effort on your part at all just to offer a helping hand to someone.

10. Reflect on your day

When the day comes to a close, take some time to reflect on the day’s events and ask yourself, what you could have done better as well as what went really well. Some people find that keeping journal is the best way to this. Writing down your thoughts at the end of each day can be very therapeutic and it will enable you to track your personal development too.

Stay happy!

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