10 Tips On How To Make Life More Interesting And Fun

Life is meant to be both interesting and fun. If you feel like yours is neither right now, something has gone wrong along the way. But don’t worry – there is still time to put things right. You’re still young, and there is still SO much to do. In this article, Beauty and Tips uncovers how to make life more interesting and fun. And guess what? It’s not that hard!!

Okay, we’re not going to lie. Life can sometimes get boring. When you’re stick in a humdrum job, working 9-5 and spending most of your precious mornings and evenings on the commute to work, it really can feel as though somebody has just hit the pause button on life. Not cool.

But what if we told you that it’s possible to make every single day of your life like a movie?!

You don’t have to have lots of money to make your life more interesting and fun, and neither do you have to be famous. You can be 100% YOU.

All you need is a bit of guidance – and the ability to think outside the box.

So, let loose. Put your to-do list down for the moment. Get ready to be spontaneous.

Ready? Let’s go!

Treat Your Life Like A Comedy

Okay, we’re well aware that you can’t always treat your life like a comedy. Certain situations just don’t call for it.

But how often do we treat our life like a tearjerker, or a serious drama, or – worse still – a disaster movie? How often do we turn molehills into mountains and cry over spilled milk?

Too often, we take life too seriously. We stop to see the poetry and the pure comedy of life.

The next time something annoying happens to you at work, step back for a moment and pretend you’re in the cinema watching this scene play out. We promise you’ll laugh.

For example, maybe Bob from HR has once again broken the printer. Although this would probably infuriate you at the time, if you stepped back for a moment and treated this as a scene from a comedy movie you would probably find it hilarious.

“That Bob. Every printer he touches breaks down!”

*cue audience laughter*

Don’t believe us? Try it!

The next time you get stuck in a rainstorm on the way to a gym, stop treating it like a serious drama movie and think of your life like a comedy of mishaps and laughs and FUN.

And hey, since when did a bit of rain kill us? 😉

Learn A New Skill

A really easy-peasy way of making life more interesting is by learning a new skill.

This could be anything. But for it to be interesting and fun, it must be something that you’re passionate about.

What do you want to know? What new skill would enlarge your mind and possibly send your career shooting off in a new direction?

Start A Blog

Blog about something you’re super passionate about, and which you think other people would be interested to read about.

The more you blog, the more you’ll do interesting and fun things to blog about.

Move To A New City

If life has slowed down, maybe it’s time to try some new surroundings.

Relocate. Live somewhere new for a while.

But don’t just move and become an apartment dweller. Explore the city and soak up all that it has to offer. Meet new people, go to events and immerse yourself in this new location.

Quit Your Job

If it makes financial sense to quit your job and pursue your dream, there has never been a better time.

Now, this is when things can get really interesting …

Write Down Some Goals

Life doesn’t really take off until we create some awesome goals that give our life some much-needed purpose. Without goals, we don’t have a clue what we’re aiming for in life. We have no direction. We just survive from one week to the next, and look forward to a casual evening out with the girls now and then.

(a holiday is not a goal by the way)

Spend some time this weekend plotting some goals that excite you. Spend some time visualising an awesome future that is closer to the life you want to live.

And then have some fun on the way to achieving your goals.

Wake Up Early

Life isn’t much fun when we wake up late and spend all day playing catch up.

So wake up with the sun. Go for a morning jog. Give yourself the whole day to do your chores so that you’re then free to focus on having FUN.

Meet New People All The Time

Often, the most interesting and fun things in our lives are the people.

You know who we mean – the weird, the wonderful and the quirky.

In other words, our friends!

However, there isn’t much we can do if our friends have become boring and took to staying indoors overnight watching House of Cards.

If you feel as though your friend list needs topping up again because everyone has grown old and dull, go out of your way to meet a new person each week. Go to interesting places, meet people online, network. Push yourself to meet the wonderful characters that make life so fascinating.

Do Something Different

Do something that breaks your routine. If you always go to the same restaurant and order the same meal, try a totally new place with different cuisine and try something different.

Leave your comfort zone. You get the picture.

Go Travelling

Always wanted to go travelling but never got round to it? Well, now is your chance.

Travelling is perhaps the easiest way to make life more interesting and fun. And if you don’t have enough money to stay in the best hotels? It just got even more interesting!

Travelling on a budget means you’ve probably got to stay in hostels. Which means only one thing – you’ll for sure meet some awesome new people.

Go see what the world has in store for you. Explore the cobbled streets of Prague, the cathedrals of Paris, the jungles of Peru and the beaches of California. Have a ball out there!

Do you have other ideas on how to make life more interesting and fun?

Stay happy!

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