Everyone can have a moment of feeling down. Sometimes negative thoughts try to attack our mind with great power. During these moments, try not to dwell on negative kind of attitude and make sure to get out the “blue” mood very quickly. Here are some tips that can help you to battle the negativity and lead you to the positive land of a happier mood:

1) Don’t take things too seriously

Try to see the world with a note of humor. Even when you are facing a difficult situation or when someone offended you, try to smile anyway and say to yourself: “…and this will also pass away!” People who believe that their problem will be solved and their situation will get better tend to obtain positive results a lot quicker and easier, than those who constantly dwell on negativity.

2) Forgive easily and promptly

In order to appropriate positive mindset and just be happier in life, you need to learn to control yourself. Make sure you promptly forgive those who offended you, without harboring a poison of negativity inside yourself. By forgiving, you set the prisoner free, and when I say “prisoner”, I don’t mean another person.

3) Bring new things into your life

Psychologists find it beneficial to consciously change some of our habits and bring new things into our life. In oder to bring newness into your life, you can change your clothing style or find yourself a new hobby. These small changes will help lift up your mood and enrich your life.

4) Get up, dress up and show up!

When you are feeling blue, don’t stay at home all the time, lying in bed, complaining and morning about your bad fortune the whole day. Go out to nature or meet with friends; your mood will improve instantaneously!

5) Learn to relax

Relaxing and meditation are great ways to get away from stress. When you are feeling down, try to take couple of minutes to breath deeply, close you eyes and relax. This quick and easy exercise can wipe away stress and make you feel a lot better. Also, you can use aromatherapy to help lift up your mood. Essential oils of lemon, orange, mandarin, grapefruit and bergamot are known to be great mood boosters.

6) Swimming

Go to a swimming pool and learn to swim. Water can help your body relax, lifting up your mood and boosting the feeling of wellbeing.

7) Your perspective and focus

Learn to keep your focus on your goals, because live is a constant movement and change. The situation that now looks like a problem – can turn into a blessing after some time. Remember it.

8) Watch a funny movie

As mentioned above, humor can easily cure bad mood, therefore, when you are feeling down – chose a funny movie to watch and laugh the negativity out of your life!

9) Dance

When we feel down, we have a tendency to lye down in bed, indulging ourselves in self pity, but let it not be so any more! Put on your favorite music and dance your way out of negative mood into the land of joy and happiness. Joyful jumps every morning can also tremendously help you stay in high spirits throughout the day!

10) Being present in the moment and the attitude of gratitude

Unhappiness often comes to people who don’t know how to be present in the moment, because they tend to focus on their past failures or fears of future ones. Instead, concentrate your full attention on the present moment, be appreciative and grateful; notice all your (present) blessings, even the smallest ones and express your gratitude! By doing so you will turn your mood and attitude around and will feel a lot happier.

I hope you found it useful. How do you lift up your mood when you are feeling down? Feel free to share your tips on how to be happier in the comment’s section below.

Stay beautiful, shine brightly and smile often!


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