10 Tips on how to improve self confidence

Everyone gets nervous sometimes. The best public speakers get sweaty palms before speaking, actors get stage fright before they go on stage and the top TV presenters sometimes fluff their lines. The only real difference between them and you is that they have learned some of the tricks and techniques that allow them to overcome their nerves and project that air of self-confidence. Anyone can have their confidence dented too. A few bad experiences and you can spiral downward into a complete lack of confidence, so here are ten tips on how to stand tall and proud and be brimming with self-confidence:

1. Follow your heart

A lack of confidence comes from comparing yourself to other people all the time, so our first tip on how to improve self confidence is – set your own goals and aspirations and follow those, to the best of your ability; that is what really counts. And don’t do things to please others, do things for yourself.

2. Dress for the part

How you dress and your general appearance can make a huge difference to your confidence levels too. If you are going into a nerve wracking situation, then a good tip on how to improve self confidence is – dress up in your sharpest clothes and put on your best makeup. You’ll be amazed at the difference that it can make to your confidence.

3. Walk faster

Our next suggestion on how to improve self confidence is – pick up the pace when you are walking and it will pick up your mood. If you walk purposefully and at a pace 25% faster, than your usual pace, it will make you look and feel more important. It says to the world that you have places to go, people to see and it will really give a boost to your self-confidence.

4. Show your gratitude

Another great tip on how to improve self confidence is – stop focussing on what you want all the time and remind yourself of what you have. Constantly dwelling on what you don’t have will only drag you down and make you feel inferior, so be pleased about what you do have, what you have achieved and be proud about it.

5. Don’t keep putting things off

Do today what you didn’t expect to get done until tomorrow and you will feel great! Whatever it is that you have been putting off, be it decorating your bedroom, joining a club or working out, stop putting it off and get on with it! Confidence comes from accomplishments, even the smallest ones, and procrastination will only postpone your achievements, so don’t postpone, nor procrastinate, just get things done and you’ll feel more confident.

6. Force yourself to the front

Are you always heading for the back row of chairs in a room, given the chance? Well, don’t worry if you do that, because most people do. If you want to improve your self-confidence though, be the first to sit at the front. When you think about it, the fear of the front row is completely irrational, so give it a go. It won’t hurt and it will give you a huge confidence boost.

7. Talk yourself into confidence

One of the best ways to build your confidence is to psyche yourself up. Coaches give their team pep talks before the big game and you can do the same for yourself with your very own motivational speech. Write a short motivational speech for yourself with all the things that you have achieved and all the things that you will achieve, then recite it to yourself to get yourself in the winning mood.

8. Ease yourself in, speaking up

People who lack confidence will often do all they can to avoid speaking up in a group setting. One way to get around this is to promise yourself that you will say just one small thing in every group situation that you encounter. By making the effort, you will soon find that talking in groups slowly becomes easier and your confidence will grow.

9. Set goals, track your progress and celebrate your successes

Lack of self-confidences often comes from a misguided belief that you have never achieved anything. But that is simply not true, so make a list of your goals, but be realistic, becoming a millionaire overnight is unlikely for most of us! What you will be surprised to find though is that, when you document what you set out to achieve, how many of those things you actually can achieve. So, another tip on how to improve self confidence is – celebrate your achievements, even the small ones, and you will start to believe in yourself more.

10. Out with the old and in with the new

To gain self-confidence, you need to re-examine the negative thoughts that you have about yourself and challenge them. Some of the beliefs that you have about yourself may be deep rooted and you have held onto them for a long time, but if you look closely at them, you will probably find that they can be thrown out and that will give you more room for the positive beliefs to take root in their place.

What are your tips on how to improve self confidence?

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