10 Inspirational tips on how to find purpose in life

“The worst thing in life is to grow old and realise you got good at the wrong thing.”

     – Joel Salatin

Feeling lost and struggling to find direction in life? In this article, Beauty and Tips reveals 10 inspirational tips for those who want to find their purpose in life. Ever wondered why some people are super driven and successful all the time, while others sometimes aren’t even motivated to get out of bed in the morning? It could be because the driven, successful people have found their purpose while the rest haven’t.

When you have a higher purpose in life, it drives you to produce consistent results. You get out of bed and do the right things every single day because you know your purpose. Conversely, not knowing your purpose means you’ll struggle to achieve consistency. Success will come in fits and starts. You’ll be motivated one day, but not the next. Having a purpose, then, is incredibly important. It fills in a hole in your life, give you direction and encourages you to always take action. At the end of it all is fulfilment and happiness. However, finding your purpose is a struggle. It’s the same for a lot of people; we’re not necessarily troubled by not having a purpose – we’re troubled by not being able to find it. Let’s take a look at 10 inspirational tips how to find purpose in life.

Silence The Doubts And Take Action

Ever though about doing something … but ultimately decided not to because you had a few reservations? We’ve all been there. We get excited about something and then ask ourselves a few questions: “But what if it doesn’t work out? Will I just be wasting my time?”

These questions stop us from taking action, and they could be stopping you from discovering your purpose. Listen to what your heart wants and take a risk. As Nike say – just do it! You will never know until you’ve tried it.


Traveling is another great tip on how to find purpose in life, it might be a bit left-field, and some people might see it as a waste of time. But traveling can reveal so much about ourselves, our relationship to the world around us – as well as our purpose in life. It’s important that you travel alone, as then and only then are you free to work out your purpose without distractions.

Take Some Time Off Work

Not everyone will be able to take time off work. But if you can either take an extended vacation or if you can cut your hours down at work, do it and spend your sabbatical figuring out what your purpose in life is. After all, it can be hard to find our purpose when we’re stuck in work nine hours per day. It frustrates and exhausts, and saps all our creative powers. When we get home, our mind is too muddled to think about a purpose – we just want to crash in front of the TV and watch Netflix. If possible, then, take some time off to evaluate your life. Use this time wisely. Take long walks, take a break and do some serious thinking!

How Can You Help Others?

Ask most people who are in business why they’re in business, and very few will say “money.” Instead, they’ll tell you about their higher purpose, which is always to help others. Ask yourself how you would like to help others, and then see how your purpose fits in around this mission.

Talk To People

Sometimes, it takes another person to accidentally reveal our purpose to us. Talk to other’s about their passions. Become a chatterbox. Ask them what motivates and drives them, it’s another good advice on how to find purpose in life.

You’ll see people on Facebook who are passionate about what they do. Spend some time asking them questions. Why do they love what they do? You might just discover that your purpose is the same as theirs.

Create A Vision Board

A lot of us stick to the same career for years and years, simply because it never occurs to us to try anything else, or because this was always our passion. So why wouldn’t we stick to it? Just because something was your passion once, doesn’t mean it will always be a passion. Moreover, a number of people who get really excited to enter a certain field sometimes discover it wasn’t quite as exciting as they thought it would be. A good way to find what makes you tick these days is to create a vision board. You can use an online one like BettyVision to help you gather together images. Eventually, a pattern should emerge, one that might your true purpose.

What Are You Already Good At?

Too many of us ignore our strengths and try to refine our weaknesses. But why do this if we already have a strength? One of great tips on how to find purpose in life is to find out what your strengths are. Write them down. Then, decide which one motivates you the most and perhaps focus on that.

Think Back To Childhood

The people who are following their purpose in life are often continuing a passion they had during childhood. Entrepreneurs probably used to sell lemonade as kids, writers were probably always writing, while artists have probably always drawn and painted since they were five years old. Life gets in the way for some people, and we get disconnected from what motivated us as kids. So think back to your childhood and ask yourself if there is anything you can return to now that you search for your purpose.

Seek Out Your Inspirations

Who are your biggest heroes? Perhaps these people are the ones who hold the secret to your purpose. After all, they’re your heroes for a reason.

Ask Yourself What Motivates You The Most

Ever had those mornings where you really didn’t want to get out of bed? It was probably because you knew you had to do something later that day that you really didn’t want to do. And how about those mornings where you were so pumped by something that you literally JUMPED out of bed? What motivated you? Whatever it was, it could hold the secret to your purpose.

Do you have other tips on how to find purpose in life?

Stay happy!

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