10 Tips on how to develop self confidence

While no one wants to be thought of as being cocky and arrogant, if you lack the self-confidence to speak up in a group and get your voice heard, then it can hold you back in many aspects of life. A lack of confidence in yourself usually starts at a very young age, but there are ways that you combat it.  Here are ten tips that will help you be a more confident person and enable you to hold your head up high.

1. Always take the front seat

A person who suffers from a lack of confidence will probably try to blend into the background as far as is possible, and this will mean that they always take a seat in the back row of meetings or other gatherings. You can start to overcome your fears by taking a seat at the front. It won’t make you any more conspicuous and your confidence will grow, the more often you do it.

2. Dress the part

Dressing elegantly and taking care of your appearance is another effective tip on how to develop self confidence. You don’t need to spend a fortune on clothes to look sharp, but a new outfit and hairdo will make all the difference to how you feel about yourself.

3. Step up the pace

Confident people tend to walk fast and they look like they have places to go. So, our next tip on how to develop self confidence is to try just increasing the pace that you walk at and, strangely, it will actually make you feel more confident.

4. Stand up straight

Improving your posture will make you look and feel more confident too. You know the drill: shoulders back and stand up straight! By lifting your head up, you will feel taller and you will be able to look people in the eye. It will make you feel that you are on a par with everyone else.

5. Improve your physical fitness

Staying in shape will make you feel more attractive and more confident. Just knowing that you have the discipline to work out regularly will make you feel confident, and your fitness will help improve your posture and your agility too.

6. Think positively

Another tip on how to develop self confidence is to think positively. You can help yourself by training your mind not to always take the negative view. Practice telling yourself that you can do things and you can speak up, and you will become more confident. Fill your mind with positive thoughts and don’t leave space for the negative ones to fill your mind.

7. Speak up in group situations

You need to overcome the irrational fear that you probably have, of saying something that other people will think is stupid. It is very unlikely that you would ever say anything stupid and, if you did, then people would just laugh it off, not laugh at you. People just aren’t as judgmental as you might think.

8. Breathe deeply

AIf you do start to feel nervous, then a couple of deep breathes will help to calm you down. Anyone can feel anxious in a difficult situation and breathing deeply will increase the oxygen supply to your brain and calm your nerves.

9. Compliment people

Another tip on how to develop self confidence is to compliment other people. Also, the easiest way to start a conversation with someone is to give them a sincere compliment. Being positive about other people will not only work as an icebreaker, but it will also help you feel more positive about yourself.

10. Remember your own successes

When you lack self-confidence, you tend to focus only on negative thoughts about yourself. Make a list of the things that you are proud of and focus on them. This will help you see that you are capable of achieving much more.

How to develop self confidence? What are your tips?

Stay happy!

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