10 Tips on how to celebrate being happy every day

Did you know that there is actually an international day of happiness that is sponsored by the United Nations? Well, you missed that, because it was on March the 20th, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate happiness today, or the day after that, or every day of the year, for that matter! So, if you’re happy and you know it, here’s ten ways to celebrate your happiness every single day:

1. Let your curiosity get the better of you

People who seek out new experiences and have a desire to learn new things will rarely get bored and they will tend to attract more friends around them too. Use your energy to expand your knowledge and you will make your happiness last longer.

2. Be kind to yourself

Give yourself a treat every day, you deserve it! Nothing boosts happiness more than kindness and thoughtfulness, so don’t forget you, when you’re dishing out the gifts, and don’t feel guilty about it!

3. Savor life

Make the most of everything and take the time to appreciate the things around you. All too often, we are so busy, rushing from A to B, we forget to enjoy the simple things in life, that are all around us, all the time.

4. Do something out of the ordinary

Go on, make a snap decision, phone up some friends and hold a party or book yourself in for those sky diving lessons that you’ve been thinking about. Throw caution to the wind and do something extraordinary, just because you want to.

5. Do something generous

Giving is far more fun than receiving, so share some of your joy with someone else. Lend a helping hand at a charity, or just do a stranger a good deed. You’ll feel great for doing it and you’ll put a smile on someone else’s face too.

6. Celebrate even your smallest achievements

Did you spend an extra ten minutes at the gym today? Or perhaps you finally sent that awkward email to someone? Celebrate even the tiniest achievements in your life, because they all help you to take you a step further forward.

7. Show your appreciation of other people

Let other people know that you are grateful, when they do something for you. Say thanks, to your partner, when he takes out the trash or smile and wave, when another driver lets you into the queue. It all helps to spread the happiness.

8. Connect with people

Tune in to people, and listen to what they have to say. You can celebrate your own happiness by giving some time to someone else and make a real, warm connection with them and maybe help them out as well.

9. Be grateful

Express your gratitude for the things that you have and the people that are around you. Celebrate being alive and be thankful for all that you have and make the most of it, because none of us getting any younger.

10. Get some sleep!

You don’t want this day to be a one off, so don’t forget to get enough sleep. A good night’s sleep will improve your concentration, it strengthens the immune system and it will leave you with enough energy to enjoy tomorrow, just as much as you enjoyed today.

Do you have some other tips on how to celebrate being happy every day?

Stay happy!

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