10 Tips On How To Calm And Motivate Yourself When Life Is Getting Tough

Ah, if only life was as carefree and void of responsibilities as it was when we were kids, hey?

Many of us pine for our childhood whenever we’re under pressure. When life begins to get too tough and the sharpness of reality is as threatening as a knife, we just wish we could be ten years old again, playing catch in a field with our best friends.

But running away from problems won’t help you. You tried exploding and getting angry, but you realised that doesn’t help either. In fact, the only way to get through stormy periods of your life is to stay calm and motivated.

But how do you do that? Let’s take a look.

Stay Positive

When something goes wrong in our life, it’s natural to focus on the wrongness, right?

Sure. If you’re a naturally negative person, anyway.

Positive people, however, put a positive spin on things, no matter how rough life is becoming. And this is what you need to do, too.

Last year, I had a moment of truth that really tested me. I suffered a bad episode that really derailed me for a while. But as I came to realise, it wasn’t so much that the episode was bad, it was more that my interpretation of it, my perception of it was bad.

Once I started to give a positive spin to the episode, I suddenly felt free. I felt great.

Don’t Be A Victim

I know how easy it is to feel sorry for yourself right now. I’ve been there. But making yourself a victim is not going to help you. It won’t get you out of this situation, and it certainly won’t motivate you.

Free yourself from the victim label. Adopt an “I can get through this attitude.” Read inspiring quotes, watching motivational videos. Be energetic.

Ask For Help

Hey. Everyone goes through tough periods in life. We’ve all been there. But smart people know that their friends and family are ready to help them.

All you need to do is ask for help. Don’t be afraid to do this. Not asking for help and facing the battle alone is what exacerbates those feelings of uncertainty and anxiety.

Speak up. Take advantage of the people who love you. They won’t say No.

Avoid Caffeine

Whenever we feel overwhelmed, it’s really easy to turn to our bad habits to get us through it. Smokers will smoke more, drinkers will drink more – and coffee heads will down more caffeine.

But is coffee really helping? Or is it actually making us feel even more stressed?

Caffeine should be avoided whenever you feel overwhelmed, because as a stimulant it stimulates those areas of your brain which are responsible for triggering the stress hormone in the first place. Not cool.

Replace caffeine with a healthier alternative to calm your nerves, such as fruit juice.

Take Control

A lack of control can make a situation much worse than it already is. This is when anxiety attacks take over.

What does a business owner do when their company is losing cash? They take control, or they get someone on board to take control and tighten the ship.

When we lose control of our car, we work hard to get it back under control.

So why wouldn’t you do the same with your life?

There will be aspects that you can’t control. Forget about them. Identify what you can take control of and take action.

Crack A Joke

They say that “if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry.” This is SO true.

If someone turned your life into a movie, I can guarantee it would not be the bleak, harrowing melodrama you think it is. Instead, it will probably be a rom-com that has the audience giggling.

This is because of how we perceive our lives. You are NOT your experiences – you are just your perceptions of your experiences.

Take a step back from the drama for a moment. Look at your life as impartially as a cinema goer. Don’t cry because you missed a job interview yet again – laugh at the absurdity of it all. Crack a joke. Release a few happy hormones.

Life really is what you make of it.

Say No To People

If you’re far too guilty of always saying Yes to people, now really is the time to get good at saying No.

Saying Yes all the time might make you feel good, but it burdens with you with things that shouldn’t really be on your itinerary. And when life is getting tough, anything that doesn’t benefit you right now should be avoided.

Politely refuse to do what you know you can’t do. Focus only on what really matters at the moment.

Find Out What Is Stressing You Out

Sometimes, we don’t always know what it is that’s stressing us out. A letter in the mail from a debt collector might be the final straw that makes us cry, but it’s the tipping point. Set aside the tipping point for now, and find out what’s really causing all your anxiety at the moment.

A child who is scared of the dark isn’t necessarily fearful of the lack of light. Instead, they’re fearful of their perceptions. Finding out what is underneath the thin layer of dust will help you to learn more about your situation, as well as how you can improve it.

Sleep More

A lack of sleep really can make a bad situation much, much worse. Without a proper night’s sleep, it’s hard for anyone to remain calm and motivated.

Sleep is a great antidote to feeling overwhelmed. Sleep gives your body a better chance to repair and heal, it allows you to wake up feeling fresh and revitalised.

It can also clear up that nasty brain fog, which is clouding your mind and making your situation even worse right now.

Be Grateful

Lastly, give thanks for all the good things you have in your life, from the big to the small. Be happy with what you have, and appreciate your friends and family. Things could always be worse.

Stay happy!

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