10 Ways any girl can instantly become more attractive

Do you know what makes a woman attractive to a man? There is actually a lot more to it than just pretty face and long legs, and it is just as important to know what turns men off, as is it is to understand what turns them on. Attraction begins as a purely visual thing and then it progresses to things like personality and charm, so a man’s initial impression of you, will make him decide if he wants to get to know you better, or not. If you want to make the right first impression and get more attention from men, read these ten tips on how a girl can make herself more attractive.

1. Don’t hang around with the guys all the time

Of course, you can have male friends, but if you hang around with the guys all the time, other men are going to be reluctant to approach you. Quite simply, they won’t know who you are dating, who you have been with, and what the guys you hang around with are likely to do if he does approach you.

2. Don’t cuss and swear

As well as not spending too much time with other guys, acting like a man will also put people off approaching you. If you’re every other word begins with ‘F’, most men will give you a wide berth. Swearing gives the impression that you are not really thinking about what you are saying and it will also make men think that you could be trouble to be around.

3. Put your phone away

One of the most annoying things that people do today is they bury their heads in their phones and don’t even try to communicate with the people around them. If it looks like you are more interested in Facebook more than the people you are sitting with, then guys will just go and talk to someone less rude.

4. Go easy on the body modifications

Expressing your individuality is one thing, but having a hole in your earlobe large enough to drive a car through is another! A body that is covered in tattoos, piercings, and other modifications, is not attractive to most men.

5. Brighten your teeth

A smile will get you noticed and make you look more attractive. A pearly white smile will work even better! Research has proven that straight white teeth make people look far more attractive to the opposite sex, so keep up with those dentist appointments and invest in some whitening toothpaste.

6. Eat more fruit and vegetables

Changing your diet can have an almost instant effect on how healthy and attractive your skin looks. Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables and your skin will take on a healthy rosy glow. It will also help stop breakouts and reduce blemishes on the skin.

7. Wear less makeup

Most guys actually prefer the fresh faced look to heavy makeup. A lot of it comes down to choosing the right makeup for the right occasion. If you wear makeup that makes it look you are about to go to a gala presentation, when in fact you are meeting for a coffee, it will put a lot of guys off. Light makeup that enhances your natural beauty will get you roe of the right kind of attention.

8. Don’t act dumb

The dumb dolly act just doesn’t work; men would rather be able to have an intelligent conversation with you. Engage in conversation and don’t be afraid to express your opinions. Even if a man doesn’t agree with you, he will find attractive and think you more intriguing, if you can eloquently argue your case.

9 Take pride in your appearance

You don’t need to spend a fortune to show that you have made an effort. Showing that you have pride in your own appearance tells a man that you are likely take pride in other things too. Things as simple as clean, brushed hair, shoes that aren’t scuffed, and jeans that aren’t frayed at the bottom will look a lot more attractive than if it appears that you just didn’t try at all.

10. Relax and be yourself

While these basic things will make you more attractive men, you should still be yourself. If you are relaxed, confident and look happy, that could be all that it takes to attract a man. There is someone out there for everyone, but it can’t hurt to know the things that dissuade men from approaching you and those that will make you even more attractive.

Stay happy!

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