10 Tips on How To Be More Feminine

Want to be more feminine? In this article, Beauty and Tips takes a look at what you need to do in order to bring out the woman in you.

There’s an art to being a lady and it’s one that can be learned and mastered. All it really takes is a bit of work and some self-awareness. And here’s the deal: Men want women to be women. The problem is that some of us have forgotten how to be a lady, because so many women in the media haven’t been acting very lady-like at all. Female celebrities are being snapped stumbling out of nightclubs or running around half-naked at festivals, and it’s taken something away from what it means to be a woman. The thing is that guys love women to act like women. They want to take ladies out who dress to impress and who have natural warmth and grace. They want you to be feminine around them. It’s attractive! Let’s take a look at 10 tips on how to be more feminine.

Be Confident

Firstly, you’re going to really struggle to enhance your femininity if you’re short of confidence. A keen sense of self worth is key here. To be more feminine, you need to believe in yourself and you need to love yourself. To pull off heels and beautiful dresses, you need confidence. To walk with poise and grace, you need confidence. So believe in yourself and the rest will come later.


How to be more feminine? What do real ladies do? They indulge, of course! Pleasure is ultimate, where feminine women are concerned. It makes us happy and gives meaning to life. Indulge yourself in whatever takes your fancy, from sensuality to chocolate to day spas. Indulge and feel good about yourself because it will make you feel like the wonderful woman you are.

Dress Like A Woman

Another great tip on how to be more feminine is to simply dress like a lady! Clear out your unflattering clothes that do you no favours. Get rid of the baggy jeans that give you no form, or the t-shirts that make you look extra frumpy. From now on, go for the figure-enhancing dresses, feminine skirts and the high heels.

For now, don’t over-think things on the colour front. A lady can usually pull of any colour. Instead, focus on ditching the clothes that make you look a bit boyish and invest in more clothes that show off your legs and accentuate your curves. Dress how a woman should dress and in a way that you know will impress your man.

Be Nice

Easiest way to be very un-feminine? Be mean. Scowl at people. Push past them in queues. Shout and get angry. Ladies are nice people who emit warmth and friendliness. To be a woman is to be nice. It means doing favours for other people, being kind and treating them like we want to be treated ourselves.

It takes no effort to be kind to people. All you need to do is smile, pay compliments, hold doors for others and give what you receive. It isn’t hard but it’s part of what it means to be a lady and guys LOVE it.

Wear Makeup

Another good tip on how to be more feminine is to use the poser of makeup. Some girls avoid makeup altogether, using the argument that it makes them look so much better than they look without it. As such, they feel fake. Or, worse still, they feel ugly when they take their makeup off. But the purpose of makeup is to give us confidence when we go out with our man, as well as to make us look even more alluring and feminine. Makeup can make you look utterly beautiful if you get it right. There’s no need to overboard and wear an excessive amount, but the right amount can accentuate your femininity, while making your man desire you even more.

Be Approachable

Is it feminine to be unapproachable? To be a woman guys are scared of? Not really. A feminine woman is highly approachable. She is warm, welcoming and talks to anyone from all walks of life. She doesn’t see herself as being too attractive or smart for anyone. She has humility and wants to chat to one and all. So be approachable. Make it easy for people to want to talk to you. Project empathy and friendliness.

Pamper Yourself

If you don’t pamper your body and look after yourself, you could soon start to look and feel pretty rundown. At which point, you won’t be feeling very feminine at all! Remember that femininity starts with how your body looks and feels. If your skin feels silky smooth after a bubble bath, you’re onto a winner.

How to pamper yourself? Treat yourself to a day spa. Take a long bubble bath after work and put a few bath salts and bath bombs in there. Eat the right things, exercise and clean your bed sheets at least once a week. And don’t mess around with cheap shampoos and conditioners!

Stay In Shape

It’s hard to feel feminine if we don’t look the way we want to. Key to feeling like a real woman is to look like one: Healthy, curvy and good. Do what it takes to stay in shape. Lose weight if need be, eat right and exercise. Drink water to stay hydrated too.

Avoid Boy Cuts

Growing beautiful, silky hair is another one of fabulous tips on how to be more feminine. True, some of the world’s most beautiful women have donned pixie huts at some time or another. But as a general rule, when we think of feminine women, we think of women with long, flowing and lustrous locks. Moreover, short hair is hard to pull for women, and there’s no guarantee that you’ll look feminine with a boy cut. So avoid short hair and unleash your long hair on the world. Let it grow out and be like a Disney princess.

Cut Out The Bad Words

Lastly, try not to cuss, try not to be loud and try not to be raucous. Save that behaviour for the lads. Instead, hold onto your gracefulness by quietly sipping your wine and remaining at a distance from rowdiness. It won’t suit you.

Do you have other tips on how to be more feminine?

Stay happy!

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