10 Tips For Practicing Self-Love And Being Good To Yourself

They say that before we can love others and enjoy a happy life, we must learn to love ourself first. In this article, Beauty and Tips have got 10 tips for practicing self love and being kinder to yourself.

You might say that you’re a kind person.

“I’m always kind to others. I’d never hurt anyone, and I always offer help to those who ask.”

But how kind are you to yourself?

People who find it hard to love themselves may find that they’re not living the life they want. They’re not in the job they want, nor are they in a happy relationship. Maybe you’re the same. And it’s true – if we want a happy life where everything falls into place, we must learn to love ourselves first. It’s the foundation of happiness. If you can nurture your soul like a gardener nurtures a plant, your soul will blossom and everything else will fall neatly into place.

Happiness starts you with looking after yourself. Let’s take a look at 10 tips for practicing self-love.

Begin The Day With A Compliment

Don’t start the day by complimenting others. Start the day complimenting yourself!

Stand in front of the mirror and find something to praise. It could be the way you look or something you did yesterday. It could even be the fact that you managed to get up so early! (This doesn’t work if you crawled out of bed at noon!)

Reach Out To Others

In life, it’s very hard to do everything ourselves. Ask any successful, happy person if they would credit just themselves with their success and happiness, and they would probably admit that they are only a small part of it.

It’s very difficult to achieve anything in life without the help of others. And as contradictory as it may sound, you need to help of others when it comes to self-love.

If you’ve been hard on yourself lately and are feeling low, it’s important that you have the strong support of others to keep you going. You need a solid network of people around you who can motivate you and gee you up whenever you feel blue. You need people who encourage you to get out and have some fun when you would otherwise prefer to stay in, curled up on the sofa.

Hold yourself accountable to others. Let them into your life. Let them lead you when you need leading.

Allow Yourself To Fail

Do you get upset with yourself each time you fail? Maybe you hate yourself for failing. It proves you weren’t good enough. Stop it. Failing is perfectly fine. It’s just natures beautiful way of teaching us how not to do something. Let yourself fail so that you can find the right way. Remember, everyone fails. We’re allowed to. We’re human. It’s how we react to failure that really matters.

Write Down Affirmations

Write down affirmations on paper, such as “I’m more than good enough,” “I’m smart,” and “I’m so funny!”. Pin these pieces of paper to your room, to your desk, to your computer … pin them to your fridge and in your bathroom. Say these affirmations each day. Eventually, you will start believing them.

Eat Well

For a healthy mind, soul and body, you need to eat well. Eat food that nourishes you, such as fruit, vegetables and grains. Drink plenty of water, too, and flush toxins from out of your system. Being kind to your body will allow your mind to flourish.

Don’t Listen To All Your Thoughts

This might sound revelatory, but you are NOT your thoughts.

Our thoughts have been prejudiced by what we’ve experienced so far in life, and how we’ve interpreted these experiences. They do not define you. They are often not true. Just because you think you look bad today doesn’t mean that you do. This is your (often false) perception that’s been shaped by your experiences.

Don’t listen to all your thoughts. Don’t give them a platform. Ignore your bad, judgemental ones. Put them aside. Remind yourself that they are not true.


Stress can change the way we feel about ourselves. When we’re stressed, we sometimes do things that harm ourselves. We scold ourselves for making mistakes, and we overeat.

Find ways to de-stress. Take long baths. Go for long walks. Take some time off work. Allow yourself some time to recharge.

Practice Gratitude

A lot of us find it hard to love ourselves because we forget to appreciate the small miracles that life has already handed out to us. We forget to appreciate the gifts we already have in life because we’re always looking into the future, or we’re looking enviously at other peoples’ lives and wishing we had what they had.

When you can’t appreciate how far you’ve already come and the great things you have in life (your health, your family, your friends), it’s very hard to be happy. You might find that you’re constantly wanting more, and that what you have isn’t enough. And the reason it isn’t enough is because you’re just not good enough.

It’s not true. Life itself is a miracle. The fact that you were born a human being with a lifetime of opportunities in front of you in the first place is a miracle. Appreciate that. Be grateful for the fact that you can wake up each morning with your destiny in your hands.

Invest In Yourself

For the moment, spend less time investing in others and more time investing in yourself. Take some tim each day to read positive quotes, watch inspiring videos, and listen to uplifting music.

Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Many of us fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to others, and it’s a trap that we find hard to escape from.

Comparisons to other people are unfair. It’s a waste of your time, and it will only bring you down when you can never be like another person. There is no one out there who is like you. You are special. Just like you wish you could be like someone else, there will be others who wish they could be you. Just be yourself and be grateful for this opportunity you have in life.

Stay happy!

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