10 Tips For Pessimistic Girls To Become More Positive

You know that pessimism can adversely affect your life. It can effectively destroy your chances of happiness. In this article, we take a look at 10 tips for pessimistic girls to become more positive.

A lot of girls deny that they are negative.

“I’m a realist,” they say.

Firstly, being a realist is far less exciting than being a dreamer. Whereas dreamers are optimistic, happy people who believe that an awesome future is in store for them, realists prevent themselves from taking action by painting a bleak vision of the future inside their heads.

For the dreamers, a trip to the mountains represents a fab chance to go skiing and have the thrill of their lives.

For the realists, a trip to the mountains will be cold, bitter … and they might get injured!

Being a realist is a dull position to be in. It’s also just a better way of saying that we’re negative, pessimistic people!

If you’re fed up of missing out on things because of your realist/negative/pessimistic mindset, let’s take a look at 10 tips for pessimistic girls who want to become more positive.

Wake Up Early

It’s 9am on Sunday morning. Are you still in bed, or are you awake and being productive?

Positive people get up early and seize the day. They know that life is for living, not for snoozing.

Find a reason to get up early each day and revel in the miracle of life. Make plans the night before and attack them as soon as possible. Make the most of your day. It’s wonderful!

Smile More

This might sound overly simplistic – but it works a treat! Just by smiling more throughout the day, you can change your mood and mindset for the good.

All positive people smile a lot. You’ll have seen them on Facebook. They have big, wide grins and seem to be in love with life!

Compare them to your negative friends who are always frowning and who look perpetually glum.

Who seems to be enjoying life more? Who is getting the most out of life?

Even better, who looks the most approachable and friendly?

Smiley people know that smiling makes them feel good about themselves and the world. Try it and see what happens!

Write Down What Leaves You Feeling Fulfilled

Sure, you might argue that returning home from work and watching Netflix all night makes you feel happy at the time. But it doesn’t leave you feeling fulfilled. The next day, you might feel as though you wasted an entire evening.

Spend some time writing out a list of the things that make you happy and fulfilled. And then work on them.

Listen To Happier Music

Check your iPod or Spotify. What kind of songs have you been listening to lately? Is there a common theme that connects them all?

Listening to downbeat music makes us feel downbeat, just like happy music lifts our spirits. Make a playlist of the music you know makes you happy and dance to it.

Hang Out With Positive People

They say that we become the sum total of the people we hang out with the most.

Hang out with successful people, and you’ll likely become successful yourself.

Hang out with happy, positive people, and you’ll likely become positive yourself.

Hang out with bitter, twisted and anger people and … you get the picture.

If your friends are too negative and it’s rubbing off on you, it might be time to switch who you hang out with.

This is a tough thing to do. No one really wants to break it off with our friends. But if your friends are becoming a force for the worse, you have to look out for yourself.

Take Control Of Your Life

One of the reasons we’re pessimistic is that we’ve lost control of our destiny – or at least think we have. We’re stuck in a job we hate, and we’re living according to other peoples’ rules.

Find a way out of this. Take back control of your life. Put your destiny in your own hands.

Stop Criticising Others

Ever find yourself flicking through your Facebook newsfeed and making barbed remarks about other people?

“LOL her hair looks terrible!”

Instead, try something different. Find something nice to say about people. Stop being a critic and became an encourager. Let go of your negative energy. It will work wonders for your soul.

Change Your Vocabulary

Negative people have a very different vocabulary to positive people.

Not just this, but the words they use can be very disempowering.

Often, when something trivial happens to them, it’s “depressing.”

They don’t look okay today, they look “gross.”

The words you use impact the way you feel about life, and they can really disempower you.

Take a look at the vocabulary you use, and ask yourself if there are words you can eliminate or swap for better, less intense ones. For example, instead of lamenting that you look “gross” or “disgusting” today, say that you’ve looked better.

Wear Your Best Clothes

If you spend all day traipsing around your house in ill-fitting pyjamas because you feel there is no need to get dressed, it can have a really negative impact on the way you feel.

Wear your nicest outfits all the time. Wear clothes that fit you, and which make you feel good about yourself. Just this small thing can massively improve your mood and outlook on the day.

Focus On What Can Go Right

Pessimistic people are the pros at focusing on what can go wrong. Positive people are the opposite – they’re the world champions at focusing on what can go right.

Which would you rather be? Try spending less time focusing on what might go wrong, and instead focus on what can go right.

Let’s say your friend wants you two to dancing tonight. Instead of picturing yourself exhausted the next day or bored in a club, picture yourself having the time of your life meeting new people, and waking up tired – but with a guys number.

In this way, you’re becoming a realistic optimist – rather than a realistic pessimist!

Stay happy!

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