10 Simple tips for New Year’s resolutions success 

We don’t want to disillusion you, but out of all the people who make New Year’s resolutions this year, only around one in ten will actually succeed in keeping their promise. Some will have not thought their resolution through properly, some will have set their sights too high, and many won’t even try very hard to see their resolutions through. If you are serious about sticking to your guns this time, then read these ten simple tips that will help you on your way to New Year’s resolution success.

1. Don’t leave it to New Year’s Eve to start planning your resolution

If you leave it until the clock strikes twelve on New Year’s Eve to decide on what your New Year’s resolution will be, then you will probably find that you will have a hard time sticking to it. Think about your resolution, before we get to the end of December, and you will have time to prepare for it and plan how you will avoid the temptations that you will face that could make you break it.

2. Concentrate on one resolution

You will have a much greater success if you concentrate on just one New Year’s resolution. Channel all your energy into sticking with a single, life changing resolution, rather than trying to make a load of changes to your behaviour all at once. When you have got the big one out of the way, there’s always next year to try another one.

3. Make a list of the benefits

Write down a list of the benefits that you will gain by sticking to your New Year’s resolution and read it to yourself every day. If you are trying to change something about yourself, it’s easy to get so wrapped up in the difficulties of sticking to your resolution that you forget about why you are trying to make those changes.

4. Tell people about your resolution

Tell your friends and family what your New Year’s resolution is going to be and ask them to help you stick to it. If they are aware of what you are doing, they won’t put temptation in your way and they may offer help and support. If you have people around you who are motivating you, you will find it much easier to not break your resolution.

5. Don’t make your resolution too general

Many resolutions are broken simply because they are far too general, like ‘get in shape’, or ‘lose weight’. Set yourself specific, achievable goals, such as ‘lose ten pounds’, or ‘walk a mile every day’. It will also help if you set time limits for your resolutions, like losing ten pounds by the end of March. If you have definite targets to aim for, it will make it much easier to stick to your resolution.

6. Monitor your progress

It will also help motivate you if you keep a journal of your progress. You could keep a handwritten diary, or keep track on a computer spreadsheet. If you track and note down your progress as you go, you will be able to see that the effort is worthwhile and you can celebrate each milestone as it comes along.

7. Visualise your success

Focus on the end result, not on the hardship. If you are trying to give up smoking, for example, try not to keep thinking about the cravings and how much you miss having a cigarette in your hand. Think instead of what you will do with all the money you will save and how nice it will be not to have to go and stand in the rain every hour or so.

8. Give yourself rewards

When you do reach those important milestones, don’t forget to reward yourself with a treat. Not one that will blow your resolution, of course, but something nice, that is just for you. If you are losing weight you could treat yourself to as spa day or, if you are working out more, you could buy yourself a new pair of gym shoes. Whatever it is that you chose to do; you should do something to mark your achievement.

9. Don’t expect instant results

Any New Year’s resolution that is worth doing will take time, so don’t be impatient about it. It will take time to lose weight, it will take time for nicotine cravings to wear off, and it will take aching muscles and time before you reach your peak of fitness. Don’t give up early, just because you don’t see instant results.

10. Don’t think that one slip is a failure

Breaking habits and changing your ways is hard to do, so there may well be times that you’ll slip up and break your resolution. Don’t let one little slip put you off carrying on, though, see it through to the end. With a little bit of will power and perseverance, you can stick to your New Year’s resolution this time around.

What are your New Year’s resolutions?

Stay happy!

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